Tamra Judge Breaks Her Silence On ‘RHOC’ Drama: ‘I’m Struggling With Forgiving Vicki’

Tamra Judge used to be close friends with Vicki Gunvalson. The two ladies have filmed The Real Housewives of Orange County for years, and they truly enjoyed one another’s friendship. But Tamra never really liked Brooks Ayers, and she always found something creepy in relation to him. The two have battled it out and this season and things took an ugly turn.

Now, Tamra Judge is questioning whether she can forgive her former friend and trust her again. The reunion show was heated and Vicki admitted that she had indeed fabricated some stories to gain more sympathy for Brooks and his situation. And she admits that over the past month, she wasn’t really sure whether he did indeed have cancer. Judge, who has kept an open mind for months, is now feeling betrayed by her friend.

According to a new Radar Online report, Tamra Judge is now revealing that she’s having a really hard time forgiving Vicki Gunvalson for everything that has gone down. Judge, along with some of the other housewives, do believe that Gunvalson questioned Brooks long before she admitted to it on the reunion. And because of this, the ladies feel duped.


“I’m not gonna lie. I’m struggling with forgiving Vicki. I’m not sure I can,” Tamra Judge revealed during an interview with Real Mr. Housewife, adding, “It goes deeper than just lying about Brooks having cancer for me. I figured Brooks out a long time ago, like so many others. When I voiced my opinion that’s when she turned on me.”

Throughout the season, Judge did try to have an open mind. She tried to read his scanning results but couldn’t quite figure out whether he was telling the truth. While Tamra was a bit skeptical, Meghan King Edmonds was very skeptical. And her stories made a lot more sense than Brooks’ story. Tamra is furious at how Vicki has spoken about her prior to this drama, as she was always made out to be a horrible person.

“For the past three years, she’s told every new housewife what a horrible friend I am and not to trust me. The only thing I ever did was try to protect her,” Tamra explains, adding, “The worst part for me is she… kept saying how evil we were and that we should be praying for him because he was fighting for his life. Then she referenced herself as Jesus being nailed to the cross. It’s completely contradictory and convoluted.”


Because Tamra Judge has a hard time forgiving her former friend, she is now teaming up with her co-stars to go against Vicki Gunvalson. Judge and Shannon Beador recently sat down with Heather Dubrow on her new podcast show. On this episode, they revealed that none of them had a desire to film with Gunvalson. And it sounds like Judge is now trying to secure her role on the show next season before Gunvalson signs a new contract.

“This weekend, Tamra reached out to some of the housewives via telephone and it just seemed incredibly fake,” a source has revealed, according to Radar Online, adding, “It makes absolutely no sense to anyone why she is trying to make friends with her enemies now. She seems desperate to save her job by creating some new alliances.”

Meghan King Edmonds has also expressed a desire to return, but it is questionable whether Vicki Gunvalson will return if all of the ladies refuse to film with her. Bravo may have a challenge on their hands to make this cast work together again.

What do you think of Tamra Judge’s message to Vicki? Are you surprised that she can’t forgive her former friend?

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