Niall Horan Hugs Caroline Flack, So Now She’s A Cougar Bedding Him?

Niall Horan knows Caroline Flack pretty well. Flack was a member of the production team on X-Factor when Horan and his band mates, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik, appeared on the show. As a result, Horan and the rest of the boys got to know her pretty well. Of course, as everyone knows, Niall’s pal Harry Styles got to know Flack rather better than the rest of the band. Flack was 32-years-old when she had a relationship with 17-year-old Harry and, as a result, earned a reputation as a cougar. Flack probably didn’t do her reputation much good when she later took a huge advance to write a book about her experiences.

On Monday evening, Niall joined the rest of One Direction at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel for the 24th Music Industry Trusts Awards. Niall and the boys presented Simon Cowell with an award on the evening. After the awards, Niall was joined by Louis and Liam as they headed off to a SyCo-hosted after party at a swanky London venue.

Now it must be said that it is never difficult to dig up a rumor about Horan or any member of One Direction. Barely a day goes past without the gossip columns trotting out a “story” about who the boys are dating or about the latest fallout or One Direction scandal. For the last week or so, the focus has very much been on Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles after Dan Wootton claimed in the Sun that the pair are barely on speaking terms and have been at each other’s throats for years.

After that story had been done to death, it was probably time for a change of emphasis, so cue up Niall Horan. The Mirror claims that Flack “couldn’t keep her hands off” Niall as they hugged each other and she kissed his cheek in greeting at the party. Apparently, this means that Flack is a cougar attempting to add Horan to the long list of younger men that she has bedded. To be fair, the headline “Niall Horan hugs friend” probably wouldn’t sell many papers.

Yahoo! Celebrity claims that Flack was “flirting wildly’ with Niall, and a mysterious “unnamed source” claims that at one point Caroline told Niall that she was “old enough to be [Niall’s] mother.”

Apparently, Caroline “looked disappointed” when Niall left to go to a club. It seems that Caroline “was hugging Niall tightly and kissing him on the cheek.” It seems that this is enough evidence for Unreality TV to claim that “Caroline Flack is now moving on to Niall Horan after bedding Harry Styles.”

As every One Direction fan knows, Niall and One Direction are heading off for a well-earned break from the music business. Niall and the rest of the guys have been constantly reassuring fans that their hiatus is a break and not a permanent split. There is no doubt that Horan and the boys deserve a rest after five years of almost constant touring. However, before Niall can put his feet up, there is the small matter of an album release next week to look forward to.

Horan and his mates released the second single, “Perfect,” on October 16, and it has already hit the No. 1 spot in many countries. One Direction’s fifth album, Made in the A.M., drops on November 13, and no doubt Niall will be as excited as the fans to see if One Direction can beat off a challenge from Justin Bieber to claim the top spot in the week after release.

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