Clay Aiken fans may be behind Adam Lambert smears

Claims in the media that claim Adam Lambert is a rude diva may have come from Clay Aiken fans, at least one site is claiming.

According to ClayAiken411, “Claymates” (fans of Aiken) were behind the diva story first reported by MSNBC regarding Adam Lambert. The story was spread in an attempt to “get even” with Lambert after his stoush with Aiken last month.

The original report included multiple quotes from people who were allegedly connected to the shows, claiming that Lambert was a massive diva, rude to staff, and that he’d never get ahead with an attitude like that. What was surprising about the allegations was the timing: not once before has Lambert been accused of such behavior.

Aiken and Lambert have never met before, but drew headlines together after Aiken attacked Adam’s singing. Lambert jokingly responded later that Aiken was trying to ride his coat tails.

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