Is ‘Castle’ Cancelled? Will They Really Kill Off Castle Or Beckett In The Series Finale?

The show Castle has been missing in action for the last two weeks, further fueling the rumors that the show is on its way to being cancelled. Allegedly, star Stana Katic was hesitant to return, and now she is regretting that she did. But plans are afoot to actually kill off one of the leads, which will cement the idea that the writers just don’t understand their fans.

The Inquisitr reported that, sadly, it seems Castle has jumped the shark by having Beckett leave Castle just as their marriage was beginning to cement.

Castle has been a favorite show of so many fans, and it seems terrible to watch it go downhill. What used to seem kitchy and enjoyable now seems, well, sad. It seems the go-to right now is for each of the leads to go missing, and that disrupts the flow of the great couple solving crimes together that people know and love.

Morning News USA is saying that the show’s creators are also in shock about the way the show has gone downhill.

“The poor ratings of ‘Castle’ season 8 is taking a toll on the showrunner as well as the network. There are rumors that the show may be cancelled. The ABC crime drama has been a hit in previous seasons, but this time, it has not been able to pull viewers.”

The rumor is that Castle will be cancelled at the end of the current season, but there is another thought going around that is far worse for Castle fans than just the show’s cancellation, and that’s the bumping off of a main character, giving no hope that the show will ever be revived.

“Fans are already expressing their sentiments on the cancellation of ‘Castle.’ There is one more thing that is bothering fans. Carter Matt has mentioned that there is a blind item that states one of the co-leads of an unnamed show is going to die in a few days. This would be in the fall finale of that show and it will not return after that.”

Alexi Hawley, one of the showrunners, said that the show wouldn’t be cancelled until January, and that they are not planning to kill anyone… at least not yet.

Yibada agrees that the threat of dramatically killing off a lead would be tempting to end with a bang, as it were. The rumor seems to suggest that either Castle or Beckett will meet their end, likely as a result of what seems to be a stupid obsession of Beckett’s to keep investigating the same murder, throwing away her own life in the process. The show is no longer fun and whimsical, but sort of depressing.

“To make things worse, fans of the once hit ABC series has been slamming co-showrunners Terence Paul Winter and Alexi Hawley nonstop for splitting Rick Castle and Kate Beckett up.”

Thousands of fans have taken to social media to complain that the story lines of these two characters have essentially killed a show that fans used to love.

“I don’t hate Stana Katic. I hate what the writers have done to the characters of Kate Beckett and Rick Castle.”

Another fan called the creators out directly.

“Castle showrunners only have to do one thing to bring ratings back – put Fillion and Katic in the same breathing space acting Castle and Beckett as they try to outsmart each other on their way to solving a crime for at least half of the 42 minutes of each episode,” the fan wrote.

It’s pretty awful when one-time fans of Castle have to tell you how to do your job unless you want to lose it.

Do you think Castle will be cancelled? Do you think Castle or Beckett will be killed?

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