Liam Payne Is Coping Up With His Split From Sophia Smith The Eleanor Calder Style

Liam Payne confirmed his breakup with Sophia Smith by removing the Wolverhampton beauty from his Instagram’s “Following” list. When they were still together, Sophia was the only person he followed. Nonetheless, even if the One Direction crooner is now single, he’s certainly not alone, because just like Eleanor Calder, Liam has been cuddling up with his four-legged friend.

It can be remembered that, days after Eleanor’s split with Louis Tomlinson, the University of Manchester graduate stepped out in public with her dog, Bruce. The Daily Mail reported that Eleanor took out her dog for a walk days after visiting Louis in Australia in a final bid to save their romance. The fashion blogger also resorted to posting photos of her dog to subtly let fans know that she’s okay.

As for Liam and Sophia, it appears that their supporters still find it difficult to believe the news. They continue to express their heartbreak by commenting on Liam’s Instagram photos with Sophia. “Hey Mom, hey Dad, when did this end? When did you lose your happiness?” is one of the comments fans are fond of posting on photos of the couple’s happier days. Directioners, specifically “Sophiam” shippers, call Liam and Sophia their parents because the “Drag Me Down” singer is deemed as the “daddy” of the band.

Liam has always been expressive online of his feelings for his former schoolmate. When he graced the cover of Attitude magazine, the former X Factor star even admitted that they’d already talked about tying the knot.

The 23-year-old singer remains mum about the reason, but as per Hollywood Life, Sophia wants to “experience more of the world.”

“Sophia felt that their relationship was at a point where they either made a decision to get married and settle down, or they go on and do something else and experience more of the world. She chose the latter because she’s still so young. Sophia has always been an independent woman and believes she has a lot to achieve. She wants to remain amicable with Liam, but knows that’ll be harder now.”

Fortunately, Liam will have time to relax once the band goes on an extended break beginning next year. Evening Standard reports that Payne will use his free time to go behind the cameras and write songs for other artists. He likewise said that he’d still work with Louis during their break.

“I still want to work with Louis as he is going into the label side of things, so the two match up perfectly. Hopefully we can develop some great artists together.”

Meanwhile, Louis has yet to address speculation that the band’s leaked single, “Love You, Goodbye,” was penned for Eleanor and how their almost four-year relationship ended with an intimate night. In a chat with Australia’s Kyle and Jackie O, the Doncaster-born artist claimed that “he had the most personal reference” with the song. He said that the track describes “that moment where maybe it’s not working out, but you kinda’ need to see each other one last time.”

Songwriter and producer Julian Bunetta, who helped 1D launch hit songs like “Story of My Life” and “Night Changes,” previously hinted that one song in the boys’ upcoming album was about “losing someone that isn’t Zayn.”

Directioners can listen to the rest of the songs when Made in the A.M. comes out on November 13. MTV News further teased fans by describing “Hey Angel” as an uplifting track resembling “Clouds” from the Four album. While Louis’ high notes in “Love You, Goodbye” were impressive, the publication also noted that “Long Way Down” would feature a “grittier” Niall Horan.

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