Madonna Inspired Adele’s Latest Album

Madonna has inspired many female artists, including Beyoncé, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and — of course — Lady Gaga. However, nobody thinks of Madonna when they think of Adele, except the millions of records they both sold and the huge concerts they play. However, according to Rolling Stone, Adele claims Madonna’s most critically acclaimed album inspired her upcoming album 25.

“The direct sonic influence is hard to find, but one of the chief inspirations for 25 was Madonna’s Ray of Light. ‘You know what I found so amazing about that record?’ Adele says. ‘That’s the record Madonna wrote after having her first child, and for me, it’s her best.'”

Adele Academy Awards
Besides winning multiple Grammy awards, Adele has an Oscar. [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]
In the interview, Adele admits that by the time she became pregnant, she was overwhelmed with her success. She felt out of control as 21 kept selling for months and she was laid up with a damaged voice. That didn’t stop Adele from winning multiple Grammys.

A couple years off after a major album can either help or hurt an artist. It seems as if the time off made people miss Adele even more. After all, Billboard reports on Adele’s No. 1 debut this week.

“Adele’s ‘Hello’ blasts onto the Billboard Hot 100 (dated Nov. 14) at No. 1, setting a record for the most U.S. downloads sold in a week: 1.11 million, according to Nielsen Music. It’s the first song ever to sell at least 1 million downloads in a week.”

Billboard adds that Adele’s ballad sold 1,112,000 downloads, has become her 4th No. 1 hit, and has streamed 61.6 million times. Her single “Hello” also skyrockets from No. 45 to No. 9 on the Radio Songs chart. The comments after the article on Billboard show just how popular Adele is right now.

“Congrats to Adele, a once in a generation MUSICIAN who is able to transcend the musical landscape of our time to deliver timeless music that will be played 50 years from now. A real artiste,” claims commenter Duante Amorculo.

“If the lead single sold 1m in debut week then the album will easily sell 2m in its debut week,” claims Petrichor.

As usual, Twitter is in love with Adele.

Madonna Los Angeles
Adele and Madonna are huge fans of each other. [Photo via Daryl Deino]
Since Adele was inspired by Madonna, many wonder why she turned down an appearance in Madonna’s 2012 Super Bowl performance. Madonna explained to Contactmusic what happened back in 2012.

“When asked if she would like to work with Adele: ‘Yes, I would love to. I would love to meet her, I think she’s brilliant, I love her. I wanted her to be in the Super Bowl with me, but I think she was having her throat problem or throat operation or something so…'”

There is a lot of talk about Adele going on tour to promote 25. However, according to Yahoo! Celebrity, the talk may just be all hype. Adele is scared of touring because if her throat goes, she’ll never be able to tour again. That would certainly upset many fans. Perhaps Adele can do one huge televised concert so she doesn’t risk ruining her singing voice, which appears to be one of the most treasured things in the world today.

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