Chris Brown Addicted To Sizzurp? Friends Worried Addiction May Lead To Custody Loss, Singer Says Otherwise

Is Chris Brown addicted to Sizzurp? Well, that’s the rumor circulating about the “Liquor” singer this week. According to TMZ, an inside source claims that Chris’ friends are worried that his addiction to sizzurp is gradually getting worse. But, what’s sizzurp anyway?

For those who don’t know, the illegal concoction — also known as “Purple Drank ” and “Dirty Sprite” — consists of promethazine cough syrup mixed with Sprite or Mountain Dew. Some people even opt to add Jolly Rancher candy as an additional sweetener.

The amount of promethazine used for Sizzurp normally exceeds up to 25 times the recommended dose. Many who consume Sizzurp for recreational purposes reportedly have psychological highs and a sense of euphoria. Rappers Lil’ Wayne and Future are notorious for rapping about the prescription-strength cough syrup concoction. Now, it appears Chris Brown has a love for the drink.

According to the International Business Times, it has also been reported that Chris Brown’s alleged Sizzurp addiction could lead to potential custody problems in the near future. Most fans are probably aware that Chris and Nia Guzman share joint custody of their one-year-old daughter, Royalty.

During the custody battle, it was reported that Chris tested positive for codeine, which is a promethazine ingredient, but the findings were deemed permissible because he had a legitimate prescription for it. But now, the situation is reportedly a bit different. TMZ reported that Chris’ addiction has gotten so bad that he’s begun to consume Sizzurp in front of his daughter. If true, the illegal substance could lead to the revocation of Chris’ custody rights if Guzman chooses to further pursue the issue.

Based on their custody settlement, Royalty spends a total of 12 days each month with her father, Chris Brown. Guzman reportedly receives $2,500 each month for support, and $15,000 for back child support. The settlement also covers child care services, education, health insurance, and medical expenses. However, Chris Brown reportedly doesn’t see any possibility of anything jeopardizing his relationship with his daughter. According to Perez Hilton, the Royalty singer isn’t very pleased with TMZ‘s report, and recently took to Twitter to express his disdain. He quickly refuted the claims with a colorful response, insisting TMZ’s report was frivolous.

Chris Brown quickly turned his attention toward the positive aspects of his career. Since the next big thing in the singer’s career is his album, Royalty, which he affectionately named after his daughter, he took time to slam the media and offer them free copies.

Although TMZ released footage of Chris Brown spotted on numerous occasions with different cups, there is still no way to confirm he’d been drinking Sizzurp any of those times. The only way the rumor could be confirmed is if he were tested. So, for now, Chris Brown’s Sizzurp addiction remains a rumor. Only time will tell if there’s any truth to it.

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