One Direction ‘Love You Goodbye’ Leaked: New Song Describes Break-Up Sex Between Louis Tomlinson And Eleanor Calder [Rumor]

One Direction hosted a listening party for U.S. fans eager to hear their yet-to-be-released album, Made in the A.M., recently. Fans eager to hear new tracks like “Hey Angel,” “Never Enough,” and the Louis Tomlinson-penned “Love You Goodbye” attended the One Direction listening party and MTV (a representative of whom was there too) has reported that it was an emotional rollercoaster.

It’s no secret that this is an important, possibly career-defining album for One Direction. It’s their first since Zayn Malik left the band in March, and it’s their last before their impending hiatus (which they’ve relentlessly promised is NOT a breakup). The anticipation was sky-high and the mood was shrouded with uncertainty…

MTV provides a track-by-track breakdown of One Direction’s Made In The A.M, calling “Hey Angel” the new “Clouds” (“Clouds” is the uplifting closing track from previous One Direction album Four), noting a Beatles-esque vibe in “Olivia,” (which Liam Payne teased recently) and a new grittiness in Niall Horan’s voice (the Irish member of 1D admitted at the party that he was urged to “sound grittier” and more Bruce Springsteen-ish when recording “Long Way Down”) during “Long Way Down.”

The One Direction Made In The A.M. listening party had a side consequence that was, to be honest, quite expected: the illegal leak of one of the tracks, “Love You Goodbye,” which was penned by Louis Tomlinson.

Louis broke up with Eleaonor Calder in March this year following the lovestruck lady’s last-ditch bid to keep Tomlinson by making a trip to Australia, where he was touring, as reported by the Daily Mail. The heartbroken model and student was further rattled when Louis promptly impregnated stylist Briana Jungwirth following their split, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Shortly after the breakup between Louis and Eleanor another split hit the headlines. Zayn Malik (in the wake of leaving One Direction) cruelly dumped his fiancée, Perrie Edwards, via text message. Many outlets, including the Daily Mail, reported that Eleanor advised Perrie on how to protect her heart and avoid obsessing over her own handsome ex.

Eleanor has been giving Perrie advice on how to best handle the situation with Zayn… And how to be in a place of power — don’t contact him no matter what, delete his pics so you’re not reminded of him, and unfollow him on social media so he knows you don’t need him.

Did Louis Tomlinson take sexual advantage of his lovestruck ex, who was so desperate to win him back she flew all the way across the world in an attempt to save their four-year romance?

Oh, why you’re wearing that to walk out of my life?

Oh, even though it’s over you should stay tonight

If tomorrow you won’t be mine

Won’t you give it to me one last time

Oh, baby let me love you goodbye

The lyrics to “Love You Goodbye” suggest that this may have been the case — the song tells of a breakup that turns into a raunchy break-up sex session due to the woman’s decision to wear an alluring outfit when she comes to say goodbye for the last time. Louis Tomlinson has said that “Love You Goodbye” is his favorite track from Made In The A.M. because it describes his personal experiences, and he put “the most personal touches” on it.

“Oh baby let me love you goodbye,” sings Harry Styles in the chorus of the song, which was written by Louis Tomlinson and another writer outside the band.

Speculation about the ballad, which sees Tomlinson delivering a high note in the outro that fans are already calling the most stunning of his vocal career, is already running wild.

Was the song about Eleanor, a random hookup, or perhaps brief Louis Tomlinson fling Tamara Bell (whose tryst with the sexy One Direction star was reported on by Hollywood Life earlier this year)? Tamara designs a line of BDSM lingerie, Almeida, for which she also models.

Whoever the Louis Tomlinson mystery ex is, she has got everyone talking.

Louis’ desire for the breakup sex alluded to in “Love You Goodbye” has a scientific basis. According to Psychology Today, breakup sex can be particularly intense and pleasurable for reasons that have a clear psychological underpinning.

Due to its terminal nature, people feel no inhibitions or constraints in breakup sex and behave in however they wish, without worrying about the after-effect or the future. In this moving but sad experience, people usually do not speak of the bad times and what ruined the relationship; they are immersed in the exciting presence, knowing that no future remains. They often take the attitude of ‘Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.’ Nothing is meaningful except for the present sexual togetherness.

Perhaps the spontaneous Tomlinson, who has said “I hate people who are a bit uptight,” found that the “goodbye” moment was the perfect opportunity to indulge his carefree and uninhibited side.

If “Love You Goodbye” is indeed about Elounor (the One Direction fandom nickname for Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder), Louis may have hurt the London model badly, to the extent that she cut him off, even unfollowing him on social media. It may have been a case of sheer lust on Tomlinson’s part and a misreading of the situation (some wishful thinking) on the part of the heartbroken Eleanor, who was desperate to win the rakish Louis Tomlinson back and could not resist leaping into bed one last time with the sexy star.

Tomlinson has said that the song is close to his heart because it is so personal.

Was Louis Tomlinson cruel to have breakup sex with Eleanor Calder? Was it Eleanor’s fault for wearing such a smoking hot outfit? Are you looking forward to Made In The A.M by One Direction? Tell us.

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