Bonzo’s Balcony Fall: ‘Miracle Dog’ Survived 11-Story Fall And Has Social Media A Buzz

During the past month, Bonzo’s balcony fall has been featured everywhere, from Florida media outlets to the Humans of New York Instagram account. In fact, the recent feature on the Humans of New York account has brought a second round of fascination with the special dog.

It’s safe to say that Bonzo the “miracle dog” is getting his 15 minutes of fame — for a second time — and after what he’s been through, he deserves it.

Kimberly Bellinger’s dog Bonzo first gained fame after he fell from an 11-story balcony in October while she was visiting her mother in Florida. Bonzo is a 22-pound, 12-year-old Pekingese with a rather extensive health history. In fact, Bonzo’s balcony fall is just the most recent of the rescue dog’s brushes with death.

In the past, Bonzo survived a stroke, which resulted in neurological problems, according to ABC News. Additionally, Bonzo has severe hip dysplasia, which makes it difficult for him to move.

As a result, Bonzo’s owner didn’t think she would have to worry about him being on her mother’s 11-story balcony. Turns out, she was wrong. Bellinger told ABC News the following.

“I went out to the balcony and I didn’t see him there. I looked over the edge of the balcony and I saw his little body laying there on the grass all the way down. I was completely hysterical. I thought he was dead.”

When she reached Bonzo, Bellinger discovered that he was, in fact, still breathing. She immediately rushed him to the Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists, where Bonzo underwent tests and x-rays, only to discover that only one rib had been broken.

In speaking with ABC News, the doctor who treated Bonzo, Dr. Ellen Gray, said that it was a miracle that the dog had survived the balcony fall, given his medical history.

“It’s incredible that Bonzo survived, especially in light of his pre-existing orthopedic, neurologic and cardiac diseases. I have never seen an animal survive after a fall from such a great height. I am so happy that he could return to the loving home of the Bellinger family.”

Additionally, Gray told the Palm Beach Post that the 11-story balcony fall may have given Bonzo time to prepare for impact. Sarah Peters of the Palm Beach Post wrote the following.

“People think the higher the dog falls, the worse the prognosis, but it can actually be the opposite. They have more time to brace for the fall from a higher story, (Gray) said.”

According to Gray, Bonzo’s balcony fall — at about 120 feet — is the highest fall she’s ever seen an animal survive.

The Post reported that Bonzo’s recovery included sedatives and time spent in an oxygen chamber. Bellinger was particularly grateful for Bonzo’s recovery, as she lost her other dog on Aug. 1 to a serious disease. Bellinger said she was simply grateful for another chance to show her furry friend some love.

“I’m so grateful I’ve been given another chance for me to give him as much love as possible and for him to receive as much love as he deserves.”

Since Bonzo’s balcony scare, the dog has been featured in several local and national news stories. He and Bellinger have even been featured on the popular Humans of New York Instagram account, where Bellinger talked about Bonzo’s miraculous recovery. Since the photo of Bellinger and Bonzo was posted on the Humans of New York social media account, it’s received more than 1,960 comments.

What do you think of this special dog? Do you think Bonzo really is a “miracle dog,” as he’s being called?

[Photo via Humans of New York/Instagram]

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