Shannon Beador Defends Friendships With Tamra Judge And Heather Dubrow

Will Shannon Beador’s friendships with Tamra Judge and Heather Dubrow continue next season? She seems to think so. On Sunday, Shannon denied that her friendships with the other The Real Housewives of Orange County stars are fake. She maintained that her friendships are deep and real.

In response to Vicki Gunvalson’s tweet that thanked her fans for their love and support, a viewer tweeted to Vicki and Shannon that last season, the other women couldn’t stand her, but now they’re all of a sudden her best friends. The viewer added that Shannon is pathetic and fake.

Shannon replied that she and the others have a deep friendship now and that they’ve forgiven one another. She added that she’s not fake.

On Season 9, Shannon’s first season, she in particular had lot of drama with Heather. Early on in the season, Shannon and Heather got into a little argument over their seats at Tamra’s Christmas party. On another occasion, when Shannon went to Heather’s home to ask her if she gossiped about her marriage to David Beador, Heather kicked Shannon out after saying that since they’re not friends, she doesn’t owe her a discussion of anything. Heather and Terry Dubrow were also accused of saying that they’re going to “take the Beadors down.”

Things between Shannon and Heather were so bad on Season 9 that they even got into a screaming match at Lizzie Rovsek’s dinner party. Shannon was so infuriated and screaming so much that Tamra Judge repeatedly put her hands on Shannon’s face and shoulders and told her to stop her behavior. Shannon stomped off, screaming that she has “f*****g had it” with Heather and that everyone will know the truth. Tamra ran after Shannon and practically restrained her.

During a group dinner in Bali, Shannon accused Tamra of constantly lying and making things up to stir the pot. After Lizzie added her criticism, Tamra got so upset that she ran off from the dinner table, screaming that no one will ever see her again.

While Shannon Beador had her troubles with Heather Dubrow and Tamra Judge, she got along great with Vicki Gunvalson. The two bonded so much that they went on vacation to Mexico together, along with their significant others. Vicki set up activities to help Shannon David work on their marriage.

Shannon and Vicki’s good friendship continued on to the first part of Season 10. Early on in the season, after new housewife Meghan King Edmonds didn’t invite Shannon to a charity event because she felt slighted by her, Vicki sat out the event to be with Shannon. Later, as the other housewives began questioning Brooks Ayers and Vicki’s claim that he has cancer, Shannon stood by Vicki and helped defend her.

The turning point in Shannon and Vicki’s friendship came when, over a casual lunch, Shannon told Vicki that she should just show medical proof of Brooks’ cancer diagnoses to shut everyone up. Vicki, in tears, told Shannon to drop the subject. Vicki, feeling that if Shannon was a true friend she would’ve respected her wish to not talk about Brooks’ cancer, later said in an interview that she felt betrayed by Shannon.

The friendship exploded on the Season 10 finale episode, after it was revealed that Vicki had told her brother and his girlfriend that David cheated on Shannon. An infuriated Shannon marched over to Vicki, grabbed her arm and yelled at her for spilling the secret. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Shannon explained after the episode aired that Vicki didn’t know that anyone else knew about David’s affair at the time of filming and so knew that she was supposed to keep it secret. Vicki countered that the affair wasn’t a secret since Tamra Judge had told them of it long ago.

On The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 reunion finale episode, which aired on Sunday night, Shannon provided proof that the PET/CT scan result that Brooks showed to Tamra as proof of his cancer was fake. She also lashed out at Vicki for telling others about David’s affair.

“For her to announce, in the middle of a baptism for God’s sake, it’s all okay Vicki! No remorse from you!”

While Shannon Beador’s friendship with Vicki Gunvalson is over, at least for now, her friendships with Tamra Judge and Heather Dubrow seem to get stronger by the day. The three even recently recorded an episode for Heather’s new podcast radio show, in which they talked about the rumor that they want to oust Vicki from The Real Housewives of Orange County.

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