‘RHONY’ Ramona Singer Ends Hold Out — Bravo Wins And Signs Her To Tiny Day Rate

Despite facing down Bravo over contract negotiations, Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer has finally given in to the network. According to Radar Online, the reality star has agreed to a new deal, and it isn’t anything close to what she wanted.

“Ramona signed the daily rate contract with Bravo and began filming on Oct. 29,” an inside source revealed. “She’s not getting a big salary. She ended up having to go on a day rate so she only gets paid for days she films.”

Singer was holding out against the network because she wanted an increase in salary that was closer to the other ladies on the show, including Bethenny Frankel, Dorinda Medley, and Carole Radziwill.

Ramona Singer and her BFF were among the holdouts for season 8 of the Real Housewives of New York. [Image via Bravo]
Ramona Singer and her BFF were among the holdouts for Season 8 of ‘The Real Housewives of New York.’ [Image via Bravo]

Although she joined forces with Sonja Morgan and LuAnn de Lesseps in order to put more pressure on Bravo, the strain to sign proved too much for Singer.

“She got afraid and accepted a low ball offer just so she could make it on to the show,” the sourced explained. “She decided fame is more important than the money.”

As far as her two other partners are concerned, Bravo has made it clear that they will not be giving any increases in salary. This means that Morgan and de Lesseps will have to give in to the demands of the network or producers may very well find replacements for them.

Given what has transpired with Singer, it is clear that Bravo is not willingly to back down when it comes to contract negotiations. This is in part due to the fact that Bravo has plenty of options when it comes to adding new cast members to the show.

“Bravo knows that they have the housewives where they want them — the women can reap the rewards of the show or disappear into oblivion because everyone knows the housewives don’t do much after the show,” the insider stated.

At the same time, while the figures of Singer’s new deal are unknown, they are likely nowhere near that of Frankel. In fact, according to the New York Daily News, Frankel made $1 million last season on the hit reality show. In her new contract, Frankel will see a significant increase and is set to make around $1.5 million for the new season.

That being said, Singer did manage to pull down a lot of money last season. In fact, Singer made $20,000 per scene last season, which was significantly more than she would have been able to make in a standard contract. Given the details of new deal, it isn’t likely that Singer will make as much as she did last year and even less likely that she’ll make anything close to Frankel’s salary.

Ramona Singer has been a mainstay on the RHONY since the first season. [Image via Bravo]
Ramona Singer has been a mainstay on the ‘RHONY’ since the first season. [Image via Bravo]

Meanwhile, Radar Online is also reporting that Frankel, Carole, and Medley have each managed to sign full contracts for the entire season. This differs greatly with what has been offered to the other cast members on the show, including Singer, de Lesseps, and Morgan, who will now only be paid for the days they are on set.

“The network is offering Ramona Singer, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, and Sonja Morgan a daily shoot rate, which means they each would be paid only per day that they actually film,” the source told the outlet. “They never had these type of contracts before.”

With Singer now agreeing to the demands of the network, it is only a matter of time before Morgan and de Lesseps follow her lead or get the boot. Hopefully, this will happen soon, as production for the new season of The Real Housewives of New York City is currently underway.

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[Image via Bravo]

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