‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Mackenzie McKee Under Fire For Picture of Son With A Gun

Mackenzie McKee of Teen Mom 3 is now under fire after posting a picture of her son, who is only 4-years-old, holding up a gun while he was out hunting. Of course, some people think it is fine to take a young boy hunting, but most of MacKenzie’s fans are not okay with it from reading their comments. OK! Magazine shared all about what Mackenzie McKee’s followers had to say about this new photo. Obviously, when MacKenzie posted the photo of her son, Gannon, with a deer after it was shot while out hunting, she didn’t learn a lesson about posting this stuff with her fans.

The latest photo shows her son, Gannon, holding what appears to be a real gun. MacKenzie shared the caption “Don’t worry momma, I’ll put supper on the table.” After that, McKee used the hashtag showing that she thinks she is raising him right by teaching him to hunt.


Mackenzie McKee’s followers are going off now, and are not happy. Many of them don’t feel like a boy should be holding a gun at such a young age. They feel like he is not old enough to understand what it means to take a life, and is basically just doing what he has been taught is okay. One comment even makes it sound like McKee has lost a fan or two over this one.

“Teaching your kids that killing animals is okay? People like you are the reason all the beautiful creatures that used to walk this earth are extinct! So disappointed I was actually a huge fan of yours.”

A few people are defending Mackenzie McKee’s decision, though. Some of the followers understand that hunting is used as a way to feed their family. McKee obviously doesn’t seem to see a problem with hunting at all. Here is what one of her followers had to say about it.

“Omg hunting is how its suppose to be since earth was created! Theres a difference in killing and hurting animals for no reason and hunting for food!! Wow get over yourself!”

OK! Magazine shared in October that this is not the only photos of Mackenzie McKee that are causing some controversy. She works as a fitness model and is always sharing photos of herself on Instagram that might just show a bit too much skin. Mackenzie has two children, but made sure to get right back into the gym after they were born and started working out again. Her body does look amazing, but McKee is showing off her belly, arms, and every bit of her body on social networks. Her other half, Josh, works out with her, and the two are always showing it off. It might be a bit much for a mom to show, but Mackenzie McKee doesn’t seem to see a problem with it.


At this time, there is no reason to think that Mackenzie McKee will ever stop showing it all off on her social networks. She simply shares photos of her body or her son with a gun and then ignores the haters. Of course, the Teen Mom 3 star is probably reading them, but McKee doesn’t seem to plan to respond to all of the haters. Mackenzie McKee is just going on with her life like nobody said a word to her.

Are you shocked by Mackenzie McKee’s photo of her son holding what appears to be a real gun? Do you think that McKee is teaching him before he is allowed to make his own decisions? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about Mackenzie McKee’s photo of her son and the pics she shows off with barely any clothes on at all.

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