Doppelganger: Your Twin Stranger May Be Closer Than You Think [Photos, Videos]

Your doppelganger may be closer than you think. A doppelganger or twin stranger consists of two (or more) people who are not physically related yet share an uncanny resemblance. Sometimes doppelgangers share behavioral similarities, causing some to look at conspiracy theories and myths to explain the coincidences.

There is now an online site devoted to helping people finding their doppelganger: Twin Strangers. The site uses photos to help users match their facial features to others. Twin Strangers has had remarkable success. You may view doppelganger photos and videos of matches from the site below. There’s no question that social media networks and modern technology have helped people find their doppelganger, regardless of how many miles separate them.

One of the most famous doppelganger conspiracy theories is that the Beatle’s Paul McCartney died in a car related death in 1966 and was replaced by a lookalike named Billy Shears. The Mirror provided seven points as to how the doppelganger theory could be legit. Doppelganger theories are vast and include everything from aliens and clones to government experiments like MK-Ultra. Do you believe Paul McCartney was replaced by a doppelganger?

Recent doppelganger news on social media networks has brought lookalikes and twin strangers into the public eye. First there is the curious case of Konrad Annerud. Konrad is 21-years-old, lives in Sweden, and looks exactly like Leonardo DiCaprio. As news spread that Leonardo had a doppelganger, Annerud’s social media networks exploded. His Instagram now has more than 170,000 followers. It’s unclear whether being a movie star’s doppelganger is financially advantageous, but it appears we’ll soon find out.

While news of Leonardo DiCaprio’s doppelganger has been fascinating, it pales in comparison to the random doppelganger encounter two men had when they boarded a flight to Ireland. According to Today, photographer Neil Thomas Douglas was seated next to Douglas Stirling on a flight to Ireland. When the two looked at each other, they were stunned as they were each other’s doppelganger. The two were twin strangers, but the random seating arrangement was the first of several coincidences that might have some thinking they were living in a doppelganger, parallel universe.

According to the report, when the two, doppelganger men reached their destination and arrived in Galway, Ireland, they discovered that they had booked rooms in the same hotel. The doppelganger coincidences were so great that when the two ended up at the same local pub, they had a beer together. As photos of the doppelganger pair made their way on Twitter, other people who bore a striking resemblance shared their own personal photos. It appears that one doppelganger isn’t much to get excited over. Some people may have as many as seven doppelgangers walking around. Leonardo DiCaprio’s doppelganger is stunning, but due to the random chance of events that brought Douglas and Stirling together, we’re giving them props for the best doppelganger story. There’s no word as to whether the men are going to take DNA tests and see if their doppelganger encounter is because they share similar ancestry.

The account of the doppelganger chance meeting was also given by the New York Post, which controversially chose to refer to the red-haired doppelganger men as “gingers.”

“A red-headed, bearded Scot named Neil Thomas Douglas was randomly seated next to another ginger-bearded bloke — Robert Stirling, of London — who bore a striking resemblance to him. It’s a bizarre coincidence, to say the very least.”

The site Twins Strangers offers to help people find their doppelganger.

Check out these videos featuring real-life doppelganger matches and twin strangers. Have you met your doppelganger?

Just another doppelganger day.

When your doppelganger sits next to you on a plane, stays in the same hotel, and shows up at the same bar, you naturally have a beer with them.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s stunning doppelganger Konrad Annerud will make you do a double-take.

These aren’t sisters, just a doppelganger match.

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