Caroline Stanbury Twitter Feud Heating Up: Annabelle Neilson Attacking Fans?

Caroline Stanbury is going through a rough patch on Ladies of London, as she had to close her business, Gift Library. Stanbury showed the emotional time she went through earlier this year, as her investment ran out and investors were not interested in paying more money. She truly wanted to continue with her business, but Stanbury had to fire 42 employees and close up shop.

On top of everything, Caroline Stanbury also had some words with Ladies of London co-star Annabelle Neilson. The two shared some heated words over dinner, but the feud between them have grown outside of the show. The word “bully” has been tossed around, and some of the ladies, including Julie Montagu, are distancing themselves from everything that is happening. Montagu doesn’t want to get involved.

According to a new tweet, Caroline Stanbury is now revealing that her feud with Annabelle is still on-going, and now Twitter fans are getting involved. Caroline is revealing that not everything is shown on Ladies of London, and she has hinted that Annabelle may have said or done something that wasn’t shown on TV. Now, the fans are getting involved, and Annabelle supposedly lashed out at a viewer.

“Not a dig… just surprised. Annabelle called me a wh*re & f’ing bully-her fans were even worse just because I defended you,” one follower wrote to Caroline after a few other tweets, which had Caroline reply, “[T]hink the best stance is to stand back because this is so not a proper way to behave. Thank you for standing up for me X.”

As it turns out, Neilson had a few words for Ladies of London fans who fully supported Caroline. Even though the women are getting along on Ladies of London on the episodes airing now, the feud between them is heating up. It sounds like they can’t even have a conversation these days.

“Her words were so vile and classless – it felt like true defamation of character, so I had to speak up,” the fan wrote to Caroline Stanbury, who replied, “[A]gree who condones such behaviour sorry you went through that.”

It was during a dinner in Copenhagen, a dinner hosted by Caroline Fleming, that Annabelle revealed what she thought of Stanbury. Stanbury fought back, revealing exactly what she thought about Annabelle. Annabelle later claimed that Caroline had called her a bully and had hinted on Twitter that “ignorance is tacky.” Clearly, something isn’t being shown on Ladies of London, and viewers will have to dissect their feud by reading their blogs.

“I take loyalty and friendship seriously, b***hiness is not my style — it is done cowardly and with no respect. If you can’t say it to someone’s face don’t say it at all… By the way if anyone can give these girls a therapy session it’s me. And if Jules can have her bum out, then I can certainly have an opinion and say it to everyone’s face, not behind their backs. I don’t hide or tittle tattle or snipe, I say what I think like a real English lady, with style, confidence and mental agility something unfortunately rather lacking in present company,” Annabelle revealed in her official blog for Ladies of London, according to Bravo.

“Maybe you should all take some English literature classes and then find some… I might be dyslexic but good breeding is a privilege not a disadvantage. What did Caroline say, you can smell a social climber a mile away… so true!!!” she revealed, possibly hinting that Stanbury may be the climber.

What do you think of their feud? Do you think that Caroline Stanbury and Annabelle will work out their issues?

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