‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Hope Marries Aiden, One Of Them Dies

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the first week of November reveal that some serious drama is about to go down in Salem. As the town prepares for the big bicentennial celebration, Hope Williams-Brady is preparing to marry Aiden Jennings, and their marriage won’t have a happy ending.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Days of Our Lives fans will watch as Hope and Aiden actually get married. This time, Hope’s ex-husband Bo Brady won’t rush in and stop her from marrying the wrong man. The two will actually tie the knot and become husband and wife. However, Aiden has some devious plans for their wedding night.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Hope and Aiden get married.
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DOOL fans know that Aiden has been planning to kill Hope on their wedding night in order to collect her life insurance policy money and pay back the DiMeras, Stefano and Andre, for settling his debt. It was Andre who suggested that Aiden off Hope on their wedding night to collect the money and pay them back by threatening the life of Aiden’s now teenage son, Chase. Aiden seems stuck in a tough spot and has realized that he must kill Hope or he’ll lose his son.

After the wedding, Aiden will dress in all black and grab a red necktie, the same tie that the necktie killer, who happens to be Ben Weston, uses. However, what Aiden doesn’t expect is that Hope will fight back. Hope, who has been a cop on the Salem Police Force for decades now, knows how to defend herself from attacks, and that is exactly what she’ll do. Spoilers are now flying that Hope will actually kill her new husband, Aiden Jennings, in self-defense and be totally devastated and shocked to learn that he was the one trying to kill her. Perhaps, Aiden will even be pinned as the necktie killer, letting current suspect, Chad DiMera, off the hook.

Unfortunately for Hope, the drama won’t end there. The moment Days of Our Lives fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. Bo Brady is back in Salem and will come home to reunite with his Fancy Face. Bo will rush to try and save Hope, and she’ll learn that he didn’t abandon her and their daughter, Sierra, as she previously thought.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Bo Brady back in Salem.
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All of this madness will take a toll on Hope, and the stress of it all will start to unravel her. Kayla Johnson, Bo’s sister and Hope’s best friend, will be the one to notice that Hope is breaking down from all the drama and possibly help get her some treatment. Somebody call Marlena because Hope is going to need a therapist after this crazy ordeal.

Now, the big question will be what will become of Aiden’s son Chase? Does he have some other family members out there that he could stay with? Will Hope, his new step-mother, take care of him? Will Chase even be able to look at Hope after she allegedly kills his father, Aiden?

Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives viewers will get to see if Bo and Hope can get their spark back and eventually end up back together. The couple have always been one of fans’ most favorite duos, and viewers would love to see them together again with their whole family in Salem just like the good old days.

There is so much drama to come, so many unanswered questions, and so many reasons to be watching Days of Our Lives right now. Be sure to tune in every weekday on NBC to watch it all unfold.

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers?

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