LeBron James’ Prince Halloween Performance Goes Viral On Twitter

LeBron James has everyone talking this week, but not about his performance on the basketball court. He is receiving a lot of attention for a special Halloween concert. James attended the Cavaliers’ Halloween party dressed up as Prince from the Purple Rain era. According to Us Magazine, he even performed a medley of songs that appear in the film, including the film’s title track.

James’ teammates, Kevin Love and Mo Williams, made sure their fans knew of James’ special Halloween concert. Several photos and a few videos from his performance were shared on Instagram during the night. James even shared a few photos from the night. For the party, he wore the full outfit worn by Prince during the final concert performed by him in Purple Rain.

That outfit included the wig, jacket, the ruffled dress shirt, and black leather pants. He even had a white electric guitar, but it did not look the same as the guitar used by Prince in the film – he does get points for trying to match up the famous Prince look.

James has been expanding his skill set in recent months. Over the summer, he broke into film with an appearance in Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck. When the basketball gig ends, he has things to fall back on it seems.

James has been keeping busy with the NBA season kicking off at the end of October, and there is buzz surrounding him today because he might reach two career milestones during Monday night’s Cavaliers’ game against the Philadelphia Sixers. USA Today reported on these next two steps on Monday morning.

“When Cleveland goes to Philadelphia on Monday, James will be 21 points from becoming the 20th member of the NBA’s 25,000 regular-season-points club — and just one point from becoming the 11th player with 30,000 points when adding playoff numbers to the overall total.”

Lebron James is ready to add to his numbers, and his intention is to play all season long this year. Yahoo reported that James said on Friday that he wants to play all 82 games this season. That is something he has not done ever in his career.

“As the NBA keeps an eye on an ongoing issue with his back and wonders if the planet’s best player is beginning to show signs of breaking down, James was asked Friday if he had a number in mind of how many games he intends to play in this season.

‘Eighty-two,’ he said.

Is that realistic?

‘Yeah,’ he said.”

James is plagued by both back problems and fatigue issues, so fans will have to keep watching to see if he can do it. The season has only started after all.

On Friday, he spoke to Yahoo during a practice session. The Cavaliers had Thursday off, and he revealed how he spent his day off to the press.

“I didn’t feel that great. I was able to come in and get some treatment, get some work in, so I feel pretty good this morning.”

Lebron James definitely has people watching him, and it looks like he loves the attention. His take on Prince definitely has people talking as the week kicks off. A lot of celebrities are earning some attention for their Halloween costumes – Taylor Swift dressed up as Olaf and performed “Let It Go” from Frozen on stage with Idina Menzel.

Lebron James is not one to keep quiet on or off the court, and some recent comments might generate some more buzz for him this week. Complex shared comments made by James recently, and the focus is on his sons.

Someone asked him if he would allow his sons to play football, and it is reported that he said, “I needed a way out (of poverty). My kids don’t.” Lebron James played football in high school, but it does not look like his kids will follow in his footsteps.

One way or another, James knows how to keep himself in the press. His Prince performance is just the latest of his antics. What do you think of James’ Halloween costume and concert performance? Was it clever?

[Image via Lebron James/Instagram]

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