‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Nicole Faces More Pressure, Caroline And Ridge Get An Ultrasound

What’s slated to go down during the week of November 2 on The Bold and the Beautiful? Spoilers tease that Brooke will throw herself into the surrogacy situation and Nicole is under more pressure than ever. Also ahead this week will be more regarding Caroline, Ridge, and the pregnancy. From the sounds of things, it should be quite the week.

As She Knows Soaps indicates, Monday’s episode will bring Vivienne and Julius together with Brooke and Eric to talk about the surrogacy situation. From the looks of things, Nicole and Maya’s parents won’t be the only ones voicing concerns about this plan.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry share that Eric and Brooke will straight-out tell Rick and Maya to come up with a different plan. They will seemingly point out that the family has many options that don’t include having Nicole be the one to carry this child.

Though Maya and Rick will stand by their desire to have Nicole carry the baby, it seems she’ll definitely be wavering this week. She will worry about losing Zende, it seems, while Brooke voices concerns that Nicole’s biological tie to the baby may lead to an attachment that could spell trouble.

As much as everybody is pushing against this, Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that for now, Nicole will be moving ahead on this surrogacy plans. Also ahead this week, Eric will tell Brooke that he thinks she should consider moving back into the family mansion.

What about Ridge and Caroline? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers share that Bill will continue to be making his distaste for this pregnancy news known. He’s not happy that Ridge is the father of Caroline’s baby, and he’s not shy about making that known. Fans will be interested to see how he reacts when he learns the truth about this pregnancy, as the secret will surely come out at some point.

There is said to be a big meeting at Forrester Creations and things will be tense. At some point, there will be some sort of outburst, though so far Bold and Beautiful spoilers have not spelled out any specifics on this front. Will there be another battle between Ridge and Thomas, or will this involve someone else?

Late in the week, Caroline and Ridge will head to the doctor to get the first ultrasound on the baby. Will there be any surprises for the couple when they see the test results? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers also tease that there will be some juicy developments regarding another relationship and some possible interference.

It seems one of the men will be angling to romance someone new, but she isn’t exactly available. Most would guess that this will be related to Thomas, Ivy, and Wyatt.

Thomas has already been getting a bit flirty with Ivy, and B&B fans know there is no way that Wyatt will let this slide. Could Ivy be stolen away by Thomas after all she and Wyatt have gone through to build their romance?

Will Nicole eventually back out of carrying a child for Maya and Rick? This one is slated to play out for a bit yet and fans are curious to see where it heads. As for Caroline and Ridge, they may think they’ve got this all under control for now, but fans know things won’t stay quiet for long.

Stay tuned for additional The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers as the week progresses to see just what comes next.

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