Kate Walsh Leaving Private Practice

It’s been a long road for Private Practice’s Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery. Kate Walsh, the actress who plays the raven haired doctor started portraying the doctor on Grey’s Anatomy in 2005 and managed to survive her very own spin-off. Now Walsh confirms that the shortened sixth season of Private Practice will be her last.

The actress took the opportunity to make the announcement public on Bethenny, the new talk show from reality star Bethenny Frankel. According to several sources the interview is set to air on Wednesday. During the interview Kate Walsh said, “This is my last season for Private Practice… It’s been an incredible journey an amazing ride. I’m hugely, hugely grateful.”

Her exit isn’t the only one from the medical drama. It was announced that Tim Daly was also leaving after five seasons on the show. Walsh went on to discuss her time on the show, “It’s been a long time being Addison,” she continues. “I feel incredibly grateful to Shonda Rhimes and all the fans that have been there from Day 1 to now. I’m really excited about the last season.”

Following Daly’s announcement that he was no longer going to be on Private Practice, creator and head writer of both Grey’s and Private Practice explained the changes the show has taken for the abbreviated sixth season. “There’s a lot of budgetary issues on that show,” Rhimes continued telling TVGuide Magazine. “We need to make sure the show is viable and that we can produce it.”

Even though Kate Walsh has announced her decision to leave that doesn’t exactly mean the show won’t go on without her, Rhimes explained. “I have been told that I’m not allowed to think of us only doing 13 episodes.” Private Practice is set to return on its new day of Tuesday in a 10 pm time slot in the fall.

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