Jessa Duggar Seewald Shares Entire Unedited Video Of Wedding Ceremony For The First Time [Video]

Jessa Duggar Seewald shared something special with her fans in honor of her one year wedding anniversary. The Duggar daughter uploaded her entire unedited wedding ceremony video to YouTube. This will allow Duggar fans their first look at the ceremony without the heavy editing it received before being aired on TLC for 19 Kids and Counting.

The Duggar-Seewald wedding was uploaded to YouTube and features the entire ceremony from seating of the family to the official proclamation of the pair being husband and wife. Many fans have already witnessed Jessa’s nuptials, thanks to the family’s film crew and TLC. However, the unedited video was not released to the public until one month ago when Jessa attempted to share the video but couldn’t get the audio to work. Now, a month later, it seems the Seewalds have fixed the audio problems and re-shared for their devoted followers.

Jessa Seewald
Jessa Seewald releases the full, unedited wedding ceremony video for Duggar fans. (Image via Youtube/ Jessa Seewald)

Almost ironically, the video beings with video of Josh Duggar as he sits next to wife Anna and speaks to a man seated behind them. Shortly after the wedding, Josh Duggar would be exposed for molesting his sisters, including Jessa, when they were young. He would later be outed in the Ashley Madison leak and admit to a pornography addiction and being unfaithful to his devoted wife. Now, Josh is undergoing rehab and is no longer living with his wife and children, instead he is housed in a full-time rehabilitation facility for treatment. However, some have questioned the actual treatment facility and claim he is not in rehabilitation at all, but rather a Christian treatment program similar to the one he received as a teen following the molestation allegations.

Jessa unedited wedding video
Josh Duggar makes numerous appearances in Jessa Seewald’s unedited wedding video. The video was taken before the bombshell report that indicated Josh had molested Jessa when she was a child. (Image via Youtube/ Jessa Seewald)

TLC initially dropped the Duggar family from the network’s lineup by cancelling 19 Kids and Counting following the molestation revelations. However, they seemed to have a change-of-heart regarding two of the Duggar daughters who no longer carry the Duggar last name. Jill and Jessa were offered a three-part special that will air at the end of this year. The specials will focus on Jill Dillard’s move to Central America for missionary work and the birth of Jessa’s first child.

Therefore, it seems that Jessa Seewald is keeping Duggar fans interested in her life by dropping new photos and videos, such as this one, on her social media accounts. The unedited wedding video was released in honor of her one year wedding anniversary with Ben Seewald which comes shortly after the release of her full wedding photo album that was dropped on cousin Amy Duggar’s wedding day.

In addition to prepping fans with wedding material, Jessa has also shared numerous pregnancy photos. The expectant first-time mother has official arrived at her due date and is 40 weeks pregnant today. She is expected to deliver any day, but didn’t forget to celebrate her anniversary with her main man. Jessa says she has already watched the full wedding video a dozen times and cries every time.

“I must admit that I have already watched it close to a dozen times…but it still makes me cry every time!”

Jessa Duggar Due Date Today
Jessa Duggar shows off her “big as a barn” baby bump (Image via Jessa Duggar Seewald/Instagram)

Jessa has also admitted to attempting to induce labor by eating an entire whole fresh pineapple to no avail.

“So has anyone else tried the ‘eating an entire fresh pineapple’ thing for helping to bring on labor? Apparently it doesn’t work for everyone, ’cause I ate the whole thing yesterday… and still no signs of labor!”

With her due date upon us and no signs of labor, it seems Jessa is attempting to pass the time by reliving her wedding day. What do you think of the unedited wedding video? When do you think Jessa Seewald will give birth to her baby?

[Image via Youtube/ Jessa Seewald]

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