No Shave November Is Raising Awareness

What is the concept behind No Shave November? The aim is to bring awareness to men’s health issues, and men are encouraged to grow out their mustache and beards for the entire month of November. The entire aim is to turn each man into a walking billboard for men’s health, with their facial hair being the conversation starter.

The month of November also see’s the Movember effort. No Shave November, although similar to Movember, are not the exact same concept, nor are they ran by the same organization. They both aim to bring awareness to health issues surrounding men.

Here are the rules that are applied to persons taking part in Movember

  • Shave clean starting today, November 1st.
  • For the entire month of November, “Mo Bros” must grow and groom a moustache.
  • Mustaches must be clearly defined — can’t join with your sideburns
  • In case it wasn’t clear, NO Beards!
  • No gotee – Joining handlebars to your chin is not allow
  • Finally, be a gentleman at all times during the Movember month.

People who are following No Shave November abide by the following rules.

  • Grow an entire beard and when the month of November comes to a close you shave it into a unique mustache.
  • No-Shave November has the main goal of raising men’s health issues awareness through embracing hair, which many cancer patients lose, so let it grow wild and free!
  • If you get supporters or want to help with a charitable cause then the
  • No Shave November participants should donate the money they save on shaving supplies to some kind of cancer related cause.

In the Fall of 2009 the members of the Chicagoland Hill family decided to use the popular No Shave November as a means to raise money for charity. This decision was made by the eight Hill children after their father passed away from colon cancer in 2007. As such, the project is close to their heart. The tradition has had many participants of No-Shave November willing to ditch their razors. Recently, participants have donated to cancer foundations. This started as an easy way for followers on Facebook to donate their hard-earned money and has turned into a nationwide celebration. Every November for the past six years, these no-shavers have donated the cost of grooming, helping the organization to raise over $2 million dollars to date.

Movember started in 2003 when two friends from Melbourne felt that the idea of the mustache was going out of style and they wanted to bring it back. Based on the conversation that was generated by the mustache, they decided to take it to another level. The foundation was registered and funds raised went to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. Over the years, the movement moved from Australia and was practiced worldwide. They have also raised over $600 million that have funded over 800 men’s health projects.

Over the years, many celebrities have taken part in No Shave November and have brought more awareness to the campaign and men’s health. Every November, social media is filled with the monthly progress as these men take part in this well needed caused.

Women can also take part in No Shave November by not shaving their legs and other body parts. They would also donate the money that was saved by not shaving to organizations focused on cancer. It is the aim of No Shave November and Movember to continuously raise funds to fund projects dedicated to not only bring more awareness to health issues faced by men but to also fund researches that will lead to cures and treatment.

It is only November 1, and that makes it the perfect time to be apart of the No Shave November movement.

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