‘The Leisure Class’: HBO’s 2015 Remake Premieres Monday, Starring Ed Weeks And Bridget Regan

The Leisure Class is a brand new romance comedy that is slated to air on HBO Monday night at 7 p.m.. The 2015 movie, which is a remake of the 2012 film, is directed by Jason Mann and Written by Jason Mann and Pete Jones, according to Variety. The Leisure Class stars Ed Weeks as Williams, Bridget Regan as Fiona, and Tom Bell as Leonard. HBO is reputed for their compelling documentaries and movies.

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The Leisure Class Plot Summary

The Leisure Class centers around a con artist named William who has only one goal—to marry into Fiona’s wealthy family and live the picture perfect life that he has always dreamed of. He tries to accomplish this by pretending to be a wealthy man named Charles. And it almost works until the groom’s nutty brother, Leonard, shows up on their doorstep and threatens to blow his cover. Offering to pay his brother $5,000, William does everything possible to get Leonard to leave. What makes the situation even more complicated is the fact that William’s feelings start to change, and he believes that he is actually falling in love with Fiona. Now, more than ever, it is important that Fiona doesn’t find out anything about his real background. Meanwhile, his crazy brother is making things worse, and with the number of his disgusting acts continuing to rise, such as defecating on the Bentley, William knows that soon he will be exposed, if he doesn’t get his brother out of the house, and fast. Driving everyone to drink and pushing them to the point of almost killing one another, Leonard is enjoying every single minute as everyone’s secrets start tumbling out.

HBO viewers will enjoy the hilarious interactions between Ed Weeks and Tom Bell, who play extremely well off of each other. And Bruce Davidson is superb as the snobby Edward in this light-hearted romantic comedy. HBO’s The Leisure Class is produced by Adaptive Studios, HBO Films, and Pearl Street Films. Their official site is listed at Project Greenlight. Running time is 90 minutes.

Connecting It To Real Life

The Leisure Class offers much laughter regarding the con artist’s quest to marry a beautiful rich girl, but in real life tying up with someone who turns out to be a con artist is heartbreaking and painful. So much so that Dr. Phil has outlined a number of red flags for women to watch out for when meeting someone who has their eye out for single rich women.

First, a woman should be careful of a man who doesn’t give direct answers about his life or his past. She should also pay attention to any signs that his money is being obtained illegally. Asking to borrow money is also a read flag for a man who claims to be a man of wealth.

The Leisure Class: About The Cast

Actress Bridget Regan is “a native of Carlsbad, California, Regan relocated to New York City to pursue her acting career upon graduating from North Carolina School of the Arts.” In 2010, she completed her run playing Kahlan on Legend of the Seeker, produced for ABC Studios by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert. Her other television credits include recurring roles on USA’s White Collar, Beauty & the Beast, ‘Perception, and The Black Donnellys.

Ed Weeks is an actor from London, England and is “emerging as one of TV’s most talented writer-performers. Weeks currently stars as Dr. Jeremy Reed, an ob-gyn in practice with Dr. Mindy Lahiri, played by Mindy Kaling, on The Mindy Project. Weeks’ additional acting credits include the British television series The It Crowd and and Dirty Sexy Funny.”

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The Internet Movie Database’s official synopsis of The Leisure Class 2015

“William is a debonair Englishman celebrating his upcoming marriage to Fiona, the beautiful daughter of a United States senator and renowned East Coast family. Yet William is a con man with a fake identity looking steal funds from the senator’s charitable organization. When William realizes he has genuine feelings for Fiona he begins to regret his predicament.”

Don’t forget to tune in to HBO on Monday for the new 2015 movie The Leisure Class. For further reading, take a look at Inquisitr‘s coverage of another movie that premiered recently: Hallmark’s Tis The Season For Love.

HBO Films presents The Leisure Class trailer

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