‘RHOC’ Tamra Judge Posts Happy Family Photo Of Son Ryan Vieth And Sarah Rodriguez

Tamra Judge spent part of Halloween with her family, including with her son Ryan Vieth and his potential ex-fiancée, Sarah Rodriguez, and their children. On Saturday, the Real Housewives of Orange County star posted a photo showing Ryan, Sarah and their four girls in their Halloween garb. Everyone was in costume except for Ryan, although the photo does show that Ryan had trimmed his long beard.


Tamra’s photo prompted many people to leave comments expressing how happy they were to see Ryan, Sarah and the kids together as a family. While some people took the photo to mean that Ryan and Sarah were still together romantically, one person pointed out that the it could just be that Ryan and Sarah have decided to be civil toward one another and spend the day together as a family for the kids’ sake.

Tamra also posted a photo of herself with Sarah and all of the children, including Tamra’s youngest child, Sophia. The photo seemed to show that no matter what’s going on between Sarah and Ryan, Tamra enjoys a good relationship with Sarah, who has a infant daughter with Ryan and three older daughters from previous relationships.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it was reported about three weeks ago that Ryan and Sarah indicated that they broke up and lashed out at one another on social media. Ryan accused Sarah of not letting him see their daughter, Ava Ryan. Sarah wrote that Ryan is a bully and that it’s time to move on from the relationship after giving it one last shot. In response to someone who called him abusive and accused him of being a freeloader, Ryan said that Real Housewives viewers have no idea what really goes on in his life and that he actually works 12 hours a day to provide for Sarah and the children, leaving him with an empty wallet by the end of the month with nothing else to look forward to.

It wasn’t the first time that Ryan Vieth and Sarah Rodriguez’s relationship has caused headlines. As the Inquisitr reported in June, Tamra Judge defended her son after it was revealed that Ryan was arrested for domestic violence. Tamra maintained that there was no violence and no injuries. She pointed out that all charges were dismissed and that Ryan and Sarah would be going through counseling.

Tamra wasn’t always so accepting of Ryan and Sarah’s relationship. In Season 9, Tamra freaked out when Ryan told her over dinner with Sarah, whom she had just met, that they were planning to get married and had already set a date and venue. Sarah and Ryan met through social media just months prior.

“Oh God f*** me. Jesus Chris. What has happened to my life? This has been a really bad week! S*** me…This is f***ed up! You can’t just do this. You can’t just bring this on me and then you say you already did it…This is not right!”

In an interview later, Tamra voiced her opposition to the marriage.

“No! You don’t know her! You can’t marry when you don’t know somebody. No!”

Season 10 showed the birth of Ryan and Sarah’s daughter, Ava Ryan. Tamra cried upon meeting her granddaughter. Later on in Season 10, Tamra confessed to her husband, Eddie Judge, that she gave Ryan $8,000 to help him and Sarah settle into a new place. Eddie, adamant that Tamra should not be helping Ryan out financially anymore, told her that he won’t be working to support a grown man and his family and that the $8,000 needed to be considered a loan.

The Inquisitr reported in late September that Sarah got into a heated argument with a viewer who accused her and Ryan of freeloading off of Tamra. Sarah wrote that both she and Ryan work.

About two weeks ago, in response to a viewer who told Tamra that Ryan looked stressed out from all of his family responsibilities in an episode, Tamra confessed that he is stressed.

Will viewers see more of Ryan Vieth and Sarah Rodriguez on Season 11 of The Real Housewives of Orange County? Considering how Tamra Judge has been an integral part of the drama on Season 10, it’s likely that viewers will continue to see the evolution of her family on the eleventh season.

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