‘American Horror Story’ Star Evan Peters Talks ‘Scream Queens’ Star Love Emma Roberts

Despite ending their engagement earlier this year, American Horror Story stars Emma Roberts and Evan Peters appear to be working things out. In fact, their relationship seems to better than ever. With Roberts currently starring in Scream Queens, Peters took time to chat with People, where he discussed his sometimes turbulent relationship with his co-star and just how well things are between them.

“She is really great,” Peters stated during the American Horror Story: Hotel premiere in Los Angeles. “I just love her.”

Peters relationship with Roberts began back in 2012, culminating in their announced engagement in 2013. However, things quickly turned for the worse as the pair decided to call off their plans to marry back in June. Despite this decision, the Daily Mail is reporting that the two remained on amicable terms following their intense split.

Although their public breakup led to plenty of speculation regarding the two stars and why they chose to end things, it was not long before they were back together. In fact, Peters and Roberts were spotted out and about together on multiple occasions throughout the summer, and appeared to be very much back together.

With that said, the two were seen on one occasion out in the public holding hands. At the same time, the American Horror Story stars were also seen out on a dinner date in August, where they two got a little close and comfy with each other.

In addition to all of the public sightings, Evan Peters even managed to make an appearance for the premiere of Scream Queens to be at Robert’s side. Taken all together, it is clear that the two are back together and their relationship is as strong as ever. Whether or not they have plans to resume their engagement, however, has not been officially addressed by either Roberts or Peters.

Evan Peters and Emma Roberts on American Horror Story: Freak Show. [Image via FX]
Evan Peters and Emma Roberts on American Horror Story: Freak Show. [Image via FX]
Meanwhile, with Roberts currently playing a large role in Ryan Murphy’s newest horror comedy, Scream Queens, Peters admitted that he watches the show and is thrilled by what he has witnessed so far.

“I have been watching. I love it!” Peters explained in the interview. “She’s so funny in it. She’s spot-on with the character,” he added.

Roberts plays the role of Chanel Oberlin in the series. Chanel is the president of the sorority, Kappa Kappa Tau, and is characterized as being the typical mean girl in the series.

With her character in mind, Peters was asked about whether or not Roberts uses her mean girl antics on him, to which Peters responded by admitting, “Only when it comes to fashion. She loves fashion.”

Emma Roberts on American Horror Story: Coven. [Image via FX]
Emma Roberts on American Horror Story: Coven. [Image via FX]
At the same time, both stars are set to appear in the upcoming season of American Horror Story. With that in mind, Peters was also asked if they ever rehearse their lines together at home in preparation for their parts in the hit horror drama.

“We haven’t yet,” Peters revealed to the outlet. “I always offer. We always offer it to each other. But then we are like, ‘No, we are okay.’ ”

In addition to their respective roles in the hit TV series American Horror Story and Scream Queens, Peters is set to star in the upcoming movie, X-Men: Apocalypse, which is set to hit theaters in May of 2016. Peters will once again appear in the film as Quicksilver.

For her part, Roberts will make an appearance in Nerve. The thriller is set to hit theaters in 2016 and features Juliette Lewis and Dave Franco. You can also catch her as Chanel on Scream Queens Tuesdays on FOX.

In the meantime, fans can watch Evan Peters and Emma Roberts together again on American Horror Story: Hotel Wednesdays on FX.

[Photo By Christopher Polk / Getty Images]

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