‘Sons Of Anarchy’ FCC Complaints Surface: Non-Existent Character ‘Sam Crow’ Cops Most Of The Blame

Sons of Anarchy finale aired in December, 2014 – so it’s been almost a year – and there’s still plenty of momentum around the series: and not just from fans of the hit FX show. It’s seems that non-fans (or haters) of the show can’t get enough of it.

While Sons of Anarchy fans are eagerly waiting for both a Mayans spin-off and a possible prequel for Sons of Anarchy, some of the non-fans of the series took the time to complain to the FCC over the years. However, according to CinemaBlend, the Sons of Anarchy FCC complaints have been revealed just now.

The complaints mostly focus on scenes featuring sex and violence in the series, as well as scenes with the naked behind of Jax Teller, portrayed by British actor Charlie Hunnam. And lots of stripper clothing – it seems to have outraged the Sons of Anarchy haters.

Apparently, one of the complainers was outraged by women’s behinds in the show, as reported by CinemaBlend.

“In one case showed a woman squatting on the floor with her back to the camera, wearing clothing a stripper would wear, while facing a man that had his pants down.”

The complainer added that he/she was disgusted by this type of programming, and that he/she was “extremely offended,” citing both philosophical and righteous reasons.

“What happened to our standards and morals? And we wonder why our young people are turning out they way they are.”

However, the immediate response from the series’ fans was that Sons of Anarchy aired during a late-night slot, which means it was aimed at mature audiences. It was also noted by the fans that the person who wrote the complaint seemed to have confused several things, including the channel the show was on and referring to an inexistent character named “Sam Crow.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for letting Fox run this show and show my son what oral/regular sex is,” the complainer wrote, but Sons of Anarchy was actually aired on FX, not Fox.

“In accordance with your fact sheet I submit the following request: In last night’s show of Sons of Anarchy, Sam Crow was at a party that the club sponsored. In one scene Sam is seen standing while the camera pans down and shows a woman’s head at the same level of his groin giving him oral sex.”

The complainer referred to some character named “Sam Crow,” presumably referring to the outlaw motorcycle club SAMCRO (an acronym for “Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Originals”).

The complainer added that Sam Crow’s son was then having sexual intercourse with his girlfriend in the restroom of that very same party.

Given that Jax Teller’s two sons were portrayed to be aged five and under twelve months by the final season of Sons of Anarchy, it is doubtful that the assertion by the FCC complainer is correct.

“I understand what mature is but that is not mature content. That is pornography pure and simple! Obscene, Indecent and Profane.”

The date on the complaint is September 22, 2009, which means the complainer was most likely referring to the Season 2 episode, “Fix.” The episode ends with the club going to a party at Luanne’s porn studio, Cara Cara. CinemaBlend noted that at least the complainer took the time to watch the episode all the way through.

In other news, the Sons of Anarchy cast rode into the sunset as part of the 32nd and final annual charity fundraiser, Celebrity Love Ride, on October 18. The event gathered a great number of celebrities and bearded bikers riding their Davidsons for the grand finale of the motorcycle world’s most respected event.

The event gathered a total of about 13,000 biker enthusiasts who drove to the music of Foo Fighters and other biker-ish bands, while over 7,000 people were watching the show on the grassy hills of the Castaic Lake State Recreation Area.

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