‘Destiny’ Solo Raid Completed With ‘Rock Band’ Drums, ‘Guitar’ And ‘DJ Hero’ Up Next

If you think finishing Destiny’s “Crota’s End” raid alone is a feat, wait ’til you see this guy finish it with a Rock Band 4 Drum Kit.

In recent months, Destiny has become all about doing all kinds of exhibitions in raids. Time-pressured solo raids and raids beaten with one-hand have become things of the past, because now a Destiny player has completed a raid not only by himself without a controller, but with a custom-programmed Rock Band 4 drum kit.

Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live have both been relaunched in an effort to bring back fans to the rhythm game genre. This new possibility with the Rock Band 4 drum kit as a controller for first-person shooter games like Destiny may have just brought back the players’ interest in Rock Band.

GladHeAteHer182's Destiny Raid completed with drum set as controller (screenshot of gameplay video via YouTube)
GladHeAteHer182’s ‘Destiny’ raid completed with a drum set as controller (Screenshot of his gameplay video via YouTube)

Before this week ended, Game Rantreports that Destiny player GladHeAteHer182 (his Twitch and Reddit handle) just showed the world he could finish the Crota’s End raid with a pair of wooden sticks and a drum set. He recently uploaded the final leg of his Crota’s End solo raid in Destiny using his custom-programmed Rock Band drum kit. In his Reddit post, he credits his good friend fUnderdog for programming said drum kit to function as a controller for his Destiny escapades.

Below is the video of GladHeAteHer182 finishing The Abyss chapter of Destiny’s Crota’s End raid, with just the aid of his trusted drums.

The Abyss chapter is the first part of the Crota’s End raid in Destiny but apparently GladHeAteHer182 has uploaded the whole raid and you can view it in his official Twitch channel. However, if you’d rather watch the highlights of his Destiny raid instead of watching the whole thing, just to save yourself some time, you can do so by checking his YouTube channel which contains the Bridge chapter, Thrallway, and Deathsinger.

The whole Rock Band drum kit was programmed to work like a normal controller, enabling the Destiny player to use it in his Destiny raids. As seen in the Destiny raid video, the first drum from the left is the reload button, the second drum is the change weapon button, the third drum is the jump button, and the fourth drum is fire/attack. The pedal was programmed to enable him to walk forward with the remaining buttons on the drum set acting as the X and Y axis controls. Since the drum set was already programmed to work like a normal controller, Eurogamer reports that it can be used to play any game normally.

Earlier this week, GladHeAteHer182 started the hype about the Crota’s End Destiny raid when he uploaded his video defeating the big boss, Crota, with the drum set. Before the week ended, he fulfilled his promise of completing the full Destiny raid as he uploaded The Abyss chapter on YouTube.

Going forward, GladHeAteHer182 is getting more requests on Reddit to complete the other Destiny raids with the Rock Band kit. Some viewers are also suggesting other options like using Dance Dance Revolution dance pads, DJ Hero, Guitar Hero, and even Kinect voice commands. Or, possibly a 4-man team doing a Destiny raid using a mic, two guitars, and a drum set?

Rock Band 4 (via Harmonix)
A 4-member team raid with a ‘Rock Band 4’ set? (Image via Harmonix)

Reddit user CitationNeeded11 explains how huge this achievement has been for GladHeAteHer182, hence, why he should merit some recognition from Bungie.

“He beat a raid boss, which is basically a really difficult encounter that usually requires 3-6 people to beat, while using a Rockband drum kit in lieu of a controller. It’s a ridiculous achievement in every sense of the word.”

Crota’s End is the second raid added to Destiny, included in the DLC package, The Dark Below, which was released for Destiny in December last year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

[Images via Harmonix and Bungie]

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