Liam Payne Blames Touring For ‘Devastating’ Sophia Smith Split

One Direction star Liam Payne has had a very tough few weeks. Liam fell ill, causing a One Direction show to be cancelled just moments before the boys were due onstage. Liam’s inability to take to the stage in Belfast led to One Direction canceling a show for the very first time and sparked a host of rumors. After Liam’s illness, it was claimed that Payne had a “total meltdown” and a fight with bandmate Harry Styles.

Payne has also been accused of being homophobic and is subject to the full round of rumors that surround the members of One Direction on a daily basis. The pressures on Liam and his band-mates is inexorable, and the fact that One Direction need a long break out of the spotlight should be no surprise.

All those pressures aside, it seems that one issue has caused Payne more pain than anything else. Liam says that his recent split with long-term girlfriend Sophia Smith is “absolutely devastating.” According to the Mirror, 22-year-old Liam has said that he is struggling to cope with the end of his relationship, and Payne claims that One Direction’s constant touring is to blame for the split.

The Sun reports that an emotional Liam was speaking just before the final show on One Direction’s “On The Road Again” tour. Liam explained that constantly being apart from Sophia was “so hard,” and that he now needs time alone to figure out where his life is headed.

“I’m absolutely devastated to have split with Sophia. Being on the tour all this year and being away from her was so hard. We spent so much time apart.

“But in order to do right by somebody sometimes it’s better not to do what your heart wants, but to do what’s better for them.

“Right now I’m looking forward to some alone time to figure out who I am and what I want to be.”

Last night was a hugely emotional one for Payne and his One Direction band-mates. The end of the latest tour means that the prospect of spending some real time away from the band for the first time in five years is drawing closer. As the world knows, Liam and his pals are taking a well-deserved break once the promotional round for their forthcoming album, Made In The A.M., is complete. For the first time, Payne has revealed his plans during One Direction’s hiatus.

Liam’s fans will be excited to hear that Payne is “going into music publishing, collaborating and writing songs for other artists.” Liam also revealed that he is sure to be working with Louis Tomlinson in developing artists to work on Louis’ record label.

“I still want to work with Louis as he is going into the label side of things, so the two match up perfectly. Hopefully we can develop some great artists together.

“I’m very excited to see the business from the other side. I feel I have built up a lot of knowledge of the craft of songwriting, so I think this will work really well.”

Payne admits that he is relieved to be getting a break from touring, but of course, Liam will miss being on the road with his bandmates. Liam will also miss One Direction’s fans, whom he praised earlier this week.

Payne and his bandmates joined their fans by shedding tears last night as the tour drew to a close in Sheffield. Liam’s dad summed up the feelings of many when he led a conga line around the arena whilst Liam and his mates hugged each other on stage.

As Liam Payne and his One Direction pals head into their break, it will be an exciting time for Liam and his fans who will be wishing Payne every success and every happiness.

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