CNN’s Sanchez give O’Reilly a good smack [VIDEO]

It appears that Bill O’Reilly has once more put his foot in his mouth and forgot to engage his brain before opening that mouth. I am sure some of you will think that this is nothing new but this time his toe nibbling resulted in an almost five minute slap down from Rick Sanchez on CNN.

The whole dust up is over the amount of reporting that was done about the coverage of the shooting of two military recruiters, one of whom died. O’Reilly in his most insulting condescending manner said that he only saw a single report of the incident on CNN and that because of this lack of coverage they had no business advertising themselves as a straight news reporting network.

Well this kind of rubbed Sanchez the wrong way considering the fact that he did two separate reports, one of which was with a retired FBI agent, over the shootings. In fact the number of reports on CNN went well beyond that but I tell you what take the five minutes and have a look at Sanchez as he makes some nice jabs – especially at the end – towards O’Reilly.


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