Both SM Entertainment And YG Entertainment Respond To Rumors Of G-Dragon Of Big Bang And Taeyeon Of Girls’ Generation Dating

If the K-pop community were asked which groups in general had the biggest impact in making K-pop an international phenomenon, most will probably say either Big Bang or Girls’ Generation. Both groups innovated K-pop in some way, fashion, or form over the past decade. As a matter of fact, they are recognized as two of the top three groups to influence the Hallyu Wave as researched by the Korean Cultural Contents Agency. Not only that, WatchMojo analyzed and counted down the top ten iconic K-pop songs, and they ranked “Gee” by Girls’ Generation as number two while “Fantastic Baby” by Big Bang topped the list (as shown below).

Though the two aforementioned groups are phenomenal on their own, there is one individual in each who stands out. For both Big Bang and Girls’ Generation, that one person are their leaders, Kwon Ji Yong (also known as G-Dragon) and Kim Tae Yeon (also known as Taeyeon) respectively. Outside of Big Bang, G-Dragon is known for his songwriting and record producing. As for Taeyeon, she is establishing a solo musical career outside of Girls’ Generation. Summarized, both are probably considered the most successful members of their respective K-pop groups.

Right now though, both G-Dragon and Taeyeon are not known for their individual endeavors but for a huge rumor that they are dating. According to online communities, G-Dragon ended his alleged relationship with Kiko Mizuhara while Taeyeon ended her relationship with Baekhyun of EXO so they could be together. G-Dragon supposedly fell in love with Taeyeon because she resembled his first crush, SM Entertainment soloist BoA. The rumor also claims both G-Dragon and Taeyeon have known each other for years.

Apparently, the rumor has reached such notoriety that G-Dragon and Taeyeon’s respective labels, YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment, have come forth and made official responses about it.

Starting with YG Entertainment, it seems they are taking an apathetic approach to the situation as if it isn’t worth giving much attention to. As a matter of fact, Soompi reported the label’s official statement, translated from Korean news outlet Newsen, that enforces such a stance.

“We have nothing to say officially.”

SM Entertainment, on the other hand, has attacked the situation with full force. According to KpopStarz, a representative provided a statement to a local Korean news outlet that the alleged scandal is hardly worth responding to. However, their official response showed just how debilitating the rumor was to them.

“The rumor is a piece of groundless information, more like a fiction novel.”

To be fair, many fans of the Hallyu Wave (K-pop, K-dramas, etc.) do have fantasies about their favorite K-pop idols and K-drama stars being in real-life relationships. However, most will only push such to be true if there are some grounds to do so. Using Park Shin Hye as an example, many feel she and her fellow Heirs co-star Lee Min Ho would look perfect together. However, they are not pushing that such a relationship exists because there are no grounds for it. However, fans of ship Shin Hye and her Pinocchio co-star Lee Jong Suk being together do have the means to push their shipped relationship because they have the grounds to do so. Photographs of the two supposedly on dates have been documented by the news.

With G-Dragon and Taeyeon, SM Entertainment is absolutely right with what they stated. Reportedly, there is nothing between the two that could produce an inkling they both are interested in each other. In conclusion, it comes down to the fact that many Korean fans take stock in gossip and that the littlest irrelevant details are enough for two Hallyu stars to be together. Earlier this year, these people thought G-Dragon and Dara of 2NE1 were together. Their reasoning: both had the same hair color as shown through pictures on their official Instagram accounts. Summarized, it doesn’t take much for a gossip rumor to start for them.

[Image via Screen Captures from Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” and Girls’ Generations’ “I Got A Boy”]

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