Jessa Seewald Gave Birth Last Week? Expectant Mom Laughs About ‘Unreliable’ Sources While Displaying Baby Bump

Jessa Seewald and the whole Duggar clan are always in the news, especially now that the 22-year-old reality star is about to give birth in a few days. Fans are waiting anxiously to find out if her first child will be a boy or a girl, but has she already had the baby yet? That is exactly what one magazine cover seemed to indicate, and Jessa got a good laugh out of it.

It looks like Mrs. Seewald went shopping recently and discovered a secret that not even she knew about. It seems that she has already given birth to baby Seewald. That is according to Life & Style Magazine, who reports that the expectant mom is holding up in the Instagram photo that was posted by her husband Ben. Jessa also posted the same photo on her Facebook page as well.

The cover read, “Jessa Duggar: Delivery Room Drama.” At least she has quite a sense of humor when it comes to tabloids that have jumped the gun on the birth of baby Seewald. Jessa had this to say about her apparent labor and delivery.

“Cracking up over this one! 😂 Ben and I were surprised to find out that #BabySeewald was already born last week! I must say, it was certainly a relief for me to find out that all that labor and delivery work is already behind me.”

Jessa even thought it was funny that she seemed to get her post-baby body back so quickly, since she supposedly gave birth last week. As you can obviously see from the photo, she is still very pregnant and still waiting for the little one to arrive.

The mom-to-be has talked about those “unreliable sources” many times on social media. She is not afraid to tell it like it is when it comes to telling everyone not to believe everything you read. Jessa Seewald told her fans that if it doesn’t come from her, then it probably isn’t true.

Just a few weeks ago, she had addressed an article that stated how sources claimed that Jessa thought her pregnancy was bittersweet because of all the controversy surrounding her brother Josh Duggar. She quickly diffused the notion that a source would actually speak for her like that. According to Christianity Today, she told fans that she speaks for herself.

“Seems like the tabloids are never running short of these nameless, faceless ‘sources’ who supposedly give them ‘insider information.’ Lol! Who are these people anyway? Smh. Unless they’re quoting me, just go ahead and assume it’s ain’t so.”

Jessa Seewald suggested that fans read her social media accounts and also the Seewald family website to make sure they get the correct info instead of relying on unknown sources. Since she has kept everyone up on her growing baby bump for the last nine months, you can be sure that Jessa will share the joyful news when she actually has this baby.

Ben Seewald getting baby practice. (Photo by Jessa Seewald Twitter)
Ben Seewald getting baby practice. (Photo by Jessa Seewald Twitter)

In the meantime, it looks like Jessa may be spending some time with Meredith, Josh and Anna’s baby. She is getting big and the Duggar family are all taking turns spoiling her. Jessa sent out photos of her younger sisters holding her. It is becoming baby heaven in the Duggar household with all of these grand-babies around.

It shouldn’t be long now until fans hear the good news that the Seewald’s are brand new parents. Jessa has even tried eating a whole pineapple to help induce labor, but it obviously hasn’t worked just yet. It sounds like she is quite anxious to get the labor and delivery all over with and to meet her small bundle of joy. She could possibly go into labor as she and Ben are out celebrating their first wedding anniversary on Sunday, November 1.

Will you be watching Jessa Seewald and her growing baby bump, and possible delivery, on her and Jill’s new show on TLC?

[Photo by Jessa Seewald Twitter]

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