One Direction Tour Over: What’s Next For The Fab Four?

One Direction has finished the final show on their massive On The Road Again tour. It was a hugely emotional night for both One Direction and their millions of fans as the future is unknown. Despite the rumors that surrounded the band before the tour started, no One Direction fan would ever have believed that so much could have happened during this tour. As the BBC points out One Direction fans would have been horrified to know that less than nine months later, they would have lost a member and be on the verge of splitting up, at least temporarily.

Undoubtedly One Direction were fast-tracked for success by Simon Cowell and SyCo when the boys appeared on the 2010 season of X-Factor. As everyone knows, One Direction didn’t even win X-Factor but they did go on to confound the critics and haters.

For many, One Direction are the epitome of everything that is wrong with the music industry. They were the ultimate in manufactured pop bands. After all, One Direction were formed from five boys who had been kicked off the show after not making the grade at bootcamp. In the beginning, One Direction sang other people’s songs and were described as a karaoke act, put together to fit an image and without any great talent.

One Direction were manufactured to appeal to a largely pre-pubescent female audience. Most people wrote One Direction off as potential one-hit wonders, but the critics overlooked some important factors. The boys were determined, charming, and above all, hard-working. Whether or not you care for One Direction’s music you cannot argue with the success they have had.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that in five short years, One Direction have spent 141 weeks in the top 40 singles chart. Each member of One Direction has amassed an estimated $40 million fortune after selling over 50 million records and playing live to a total audience of over 7.5 million people. One Direction has also bagged an incredible 118 music industry awards to date.

All four of One Direction’s albums entered the U.S. chart at No 1. They are the only band in history to achieve this feat and One Direction are likely to extend that record when their fifth album is released in less than two weeks. Earlier this week it was reported in Inquisitr that One Direction have eclipsed a record set by the Beatles after they scored their fifth top 10 debut on the Hot 100 with “Perfect.”

Despite their incredible success, One Direction remain the group that music critics look down their nose at whilst the tabloids are more interested in the boys love-lives than their music. The Daily Record reports that, like the Beatles and Take That before them, One Direction split amidst backstage rifts, fall-outs, and rivalry.

As One Direction head off for an extended break, their future plans are far from clear. The various members of One Direction have said time and again that they will reform at a later date, but no date has been set and there is no clear view as to what that reunion will look like.

Much will depend on the success the boys enjoy while undertaking solo projects. It seems likely that Harry Styles will try and make a career in the movies and it is widely believed that plans are already in place to make this happen.

Louis Tomlinson has a huge amount of family business to take care of. Louis is due to become a father in the new year, and his relationship with his natural father is at an all-time low. Tomlinson then has a record label to take care of, and it is believed that he will be a judge on the next season of X-Factor.

It is believed that Liam Payne may concentrate on his songwriting and produce songs for other artists, including members of One Direction. Liam may also release some solo material.

Of all the One Direction boys, Niall Horan’s future looks the least clear. Niall has so far said that he wants to spend time in Ireland with his family. He also wants to travel and enjoy some of the places he visited but failed to see while touring with One Direction.

As One Direction head off for a very well earned break, fans wish them well and for future success. Every One Direction fan will be looking forward to seeing what the boys do next and hoping for the promised reunion in due time.

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