‘TWD’ Gets Seventh Season, ‘Talking Dead’ Will Continue To Console


Yesterday, Variety reported that AMC has confirmed that The Walking Dead has been renewed for a seventh season, as well as Talking Dead, the popular discussion group show that airs after all TWD episodes. Each season, Talking Dead usually helps fans of the show understand what just happened on the show and why. The show also allows fans to grieve and get consolation if a favorite character gets killed off. There is one hope that Glenn was not killed (last Sunday’s episode), since he was not mentioned in the show’s “Memoriam” spot which says farewell to characters that were killed. The renewal of a seventh season of TWD is no surprise to fans; the show is of course the number one series on TV right now.

Only three episodes into the current season, fans got the shock of their lives when it appeared that Glenn had met his demise. What does this mean for the seventh season of TWD? Apparently, new characters will be introduced to the series in the current season, such as “Dr. Denise Cloyd” whose character in the comics, unlike the show’s character, really is a surgeon and is a pivotal character in the Alexandria community. The TV show doesn’t always follow the comic storylines however, especially with the Wolves characters. However, a bigger and badder enemy known as “The Saviors” have a place in the comics and have not yet been seen in the TV storyline. Will the seventh season of TWD change dramatically for the worse if it introduces these characters? In the current season, besides most likely Glenn dying (SPOILER: he dies in the comics but at the hands of The Saviors), we may lose a few more beloved characters before the seventh season begins.

Stephen Yeun
Stephen Yeun Plays Glenn on The Walking Dead (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Thank goodness for Talking Dead! With all of these changes coming up this season and next season, and losing favorite characters (maybe Daryl?) fans will need an outlet for their grief. Chris Hardwick will be returning for his role as host for the seventh season of Talking Dead. Hardwick is clearly one of TWD‘s biggest fans, and celebrity fans of the show as well as members of the cast are invited to discuss episodes after they air. Usually, when a favorite character is killed off during the season, they appear on the show afterwards, usually as a “surprise” guest. Stephen Yeun, who plays Glenn, wasn’t on the last episode of TD, so that fuels speculation also that Glenn might have survived the zombie horde. Fans can only hope and dream.

Emily Kinney (Beth Greene) talks about the death of her character on Talking Dead.

TWD “Super Fan” Yvette Nicole Brown” talks about Michonne in last Sunday’s TWD episode, “Thank You”.

Daryl Dixon could be one of the fan favorites who might not make it to the seventh season of TWD. In another Inquisitr article yesterday about TWD‘s renewal, it was announced that Norman Reedus will be getting his own reality series called Ride With Norman Reedus. The show will premiere in 2016; will this mean Daryl will not be around for the seventh season of TWD? It has been said before on Talking Dead that if Daryl gets killed off, fans of the show will riot. Daryl’s character is another character that didn’t follow the comic storyline. In fact, Daryl was never even in the comics. It was even said in the first season of the series that his character was not meant to last beyond the first season. With that said, TWD fans should ready themselves for the worst, but if Daryl gets killed this season, at least his fans will get to see him in his reality series next year.

Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus Plays Fan Favorite Daryl Dixon on TWD (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

What are your thoughts about what will happen in the seventh season of The Walking Dead? What characters do you think will die in season 6? Are you one of the Daryl fans who will riot if Daryl doesn’t make it to season 7? Do you watch Talking Dead to deal with what happens on the show each week, and are you glad it will also be renewed for a seventh season? Please feel free to comment below.

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