Stephen Baldwin Contributed Star Power, Not Money, To Help Kevin Costner’s Ocean Business

Stephen Baldwin took the stand today to tell his side of the story in regard to his lawsuit against Kevin Costner and Ocean Therapy Solutions. And Baldwin said a few interesting things during his testimony.

For one, Baldwin said that it was his celebrity that gave Ocean Therapy Solutions the opportunity to make a deal with BP. Why is this strange? Well, with the exception of The Usual Suspects, Baldwin’s career hasn’t exactly made him an A-list star. Costner, on the other hand, has two Oscars.

Baldwin said:

“When you’re famous, it opens doors and things like that. (My job) was to market and promote…. I had no responsibilities relevant to getting the devices in the water.”

According to E! Online, Costner testified yesterday that Baldwin didn’t make any monetary contributions to the project. Baldwin disputed this claim, saying that he contributed star power and if Costner wanted money all he had to do was ask. Baldwin filed for bankruptcy in 2009 but he said he could have gotten the money from his “big brother.”

Baldwin also said during his testimony that his main motivation for his involvement with Ocean Therapy Solutions was to get the machines to work.

Baldwin said:

“I wanted the machines to work… Make some money? Great. Not my first motivation.”

Baldwin, and his business partner Spyridon Contogouris, are suing Costner for swindling them out of a million dollar deal. Baldwin says that Costner deliberately deceived him in order to get the actor to sell his shares in the company. Shortly after Baldwin sold his shares, Costner signed a multi-million dollar contract with BP to help clean up the oil spill.

Costner, however, claims that his business partner John Houghtaling pleaded with Baldwin not to sell his shares. Costner also said that the company did not purposefully keep Baldwin in the dark. Costner said:

“I wasn’t hiding anything. There was no intention to deceive or hide in the dark the good news.”

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