Pat Robertson Just Ripped Parents For Letting Their Kids Celebrate Halloween

Pat Robertson, America’s foremost expert on all things Satanic, has a warning for parents who allow their children to celebrate Halloween.

They are “celebrating Satan.”

It should come to no surprise that the outspoken Christian televangelist is an opponent of the pagan holiday, but the bluntness with which he talks about it in the video clip below may take you a little off-guard.

If you have any trouble viewing the video, here’s the juicy part of what Pat Robertson had to say.

“Well, it used to be called ‘All Saints Eve,’ now we know it as ‘Halloween.’ And Saturday is Halloween. That’s the day when millions of children and adults will be dressing up as devils, witches, and goblins to celebrate Satan. They don’t realize that’s what they’re doing.”

It isn’t clear from the statement if this applies to just people, who celebrate by dressing up as devils, witches, and goblins, or if, by association, Pat Robertson would extend that to anyone, who dresses up, like, say, this kid.

Baby Wookiee Chewbacca! And Pat!

Upon hearing Robertson’s thoughts, one would not be remiss to wonder if he’d ever spoken on the matter before. As a matter of fact, he has.

In 2011, a video was uploaded to YouTube in which Pat Robertson went into greater detail about what he thought of “Satan’s Night.”

Answering a question in which a fellow Christian asked if it was “odd” that his church made a big to-do over Halloween going so far as to host its own haunted house, the pastor and host of 700 Club had this to say.

“We need the power of God. … We don’t believe in haunted, we don’t believe in ghosts, we don’t believe in all this business. Halloween is Satan’s night. It’s a time of witches and goblins … skeletons and all this … the dead rising. Churches shouldn’t do this!”

Robertson did say that he had no problem with bobbing for apples or Halloween “alternatives,” but he found the celebration of “All Hallows Eve” grotesque.

It may seem depressing to those of you who embrace Halloween, especially other Christians, but if it makes you feel any better, Pat Robertson isn’t the only person trying to put a damper on Halloween this year.

One photo making the rounds on social media showed a mother demanding that parents think of “every child” in the treat selections they chose, and since her child suffered from a peanut allergy, they should instead consider handing out carrot sticks and other “fun” treats.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 11.52.47 PM

As far as the actual history of Halloween is concerned, the holiday does date back 2,000 years to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, in which people believed the dead returned as ghosts. To appease these restless spirits, people would leave out food and wine, and they would wear masks to be mistaken for fellow ghosts whenever they left their homes.

Christians would eventually adopt the holiday as they would with Christmas. While December 25 technically celebrates the birth of Christ, he was likely not born until the springtime, and the celebration coincides with Winter Solstice, another pagan holiday. These details according to the History website.

For Pat Robertson, though, the Christian embrace and modifications for Halloween are acceptable while the original holiday is not. Something you may want to keep in mind as you go out this year in costume asking for candy in exchange for not egging someone’s house.

What do you think, readers?

Does Pat Robertson have a point dissing Halloween, and if you’re a Christian, do you think that you can celebrate Halloween without dishonoring God? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image of Pat Robertson via 700 Club screen grab]

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