Mic Drop: The Wieners Circle In Chicago Transforms Into McDowell’s From ‘Coming To America’ To Win Halloween

Once known as the rudest restaurant in America, The Wieners Circle in Chicago has gone ahead and won Halloween by putting a costume on its entire location. They not only have costumes for the employees, but the entire restaurant actually transformed itself into McDowell’s — the famed restaurant that is “not McDonald’s” from the 1988 Eddie Murphy film, Coming To America.

Seriously, they put a costume on the restaurant and have made it McDowell’s. Making matters even better is that McDonald’s is right across the street.

The world famous hot dog joint went back to 1988 when Coming To America came out and took a page right out of the fictitious restaurant playbook. As reported by DNA Info, general manager Scott Brooker put the transformation into place at 2622 N. Clark Street in Chicago.

On the outside, the “golden arcs” of McDowell’s went up complete with other signs around the restaurant. Fake menus were put up and an “Employee of the Month” flier was also displayed showing Maurice from the movie, who was played by Louie Anderson.

Even the staff got in on it as they donned the checkered vest, bow ties, and berets that McDowell’s employees were famous for.

mcdowell's the wieners circle coming to america halloween
Photo by DNA Info/Mina Bloom

The Chicago Tribune reported back in September that Chicago’s rudest hot dog stand had been sold. Five local investors purchased the 33-year-old restaurant from Larry Gold and Barry Nemerow, and apparently, they like to surprise people, according to Brooker.

“The new owners are big fans of shock value. With McDonald’s across the street, it was perfect.”

Customers walking by and walking in were quite confused by what was going on with The Wieners Circle, but then many started to get it. Immediately on Friday, laughs started going up and photos were being taken by anyone with a cell phone.

Yes, this is not McDonald’s. This is McDowell’s.

mcdowell's coming to america the wieners circle halloween
Photo via Paramount Pictures

McDonald’s has golden arches; McDowell’s has golden arcs. McDonald’s has the Big Mac; McDowell’s has the Big Mick — two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions. Of course, there are no seeds on their buns (and the burger is likely tastier, considering the patties are fresh, not frozen).

Brendan Kelly, creative director of The Wieners Circle, said that Halloween costumes shouldn’t be just for people. They wanted to take it a step further.

“Who’s ever heard of a restaurant dressing up for Halloween? We’re bringing McDowell’s, from the servers, the cashiers, to the exterior.”

Even though some of the menu items from Coming To America are listed, not all are available, of course. Many of the favorites at The Wieners Circle did get some new names for the Halloween makeover though.

If anyone would like one of the famous chocolate shakes from The Wieners Circle/McDowell’s, you ask for a “Sexual Chocolate.” The Big Mick is just $8.50, but inflation has kind of set in since the ’80s.

Taking even more jabs at McDonald’s across the street, there is a life-size cardboard standee of LeBron James in the restaurant. James recently severed ties with McDonald’s, and now he has a McDowell’s logo on his jersey.

There’s even currency from the Bank of Zamunda which is where Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) hailed from in Coming To America. Every single little detail has been thought of and it’s quite amazing.

Many costumes have a lot of creativity and can make someone look nothing like what or who they really are for Halloween. Putting a costume on an entire restaurant though, that’s something else. The Wieners Circle in Chicago decided to bring Coming To America to present day and transform into the awesome McDowell’s.

[Image via DNA Info – Mina Bloom]

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