Miss USA Source Reveals Text Messages Sent By Sheena Monnin

Former Miss Pennsylvania winner Sheena Monnin claimed last week that Donald Trumps Miss Universe pageant is rigged and now text messages she sent to other contestants seem to show her disgust for other girls in the competition.

Miss USA organization sources provide TMZ with several text messages Sheen sent to a pageant official in which she claims Miss Colorado and Miss South Carolina were too ugly to be in the competition and therefore it must be rigged.

In one text message Sheena writes:

“Colorado? South Carolina? I’m done. This is ridiculous. It’s obviously rigged so the girl they want can shine; they kept several beautiful girls out for that reason.”

She also says:

“This is F-ing rigged Randy.”

Miss USA officials claim that her text messages show the emotionally motivated ramblings of a desperate girl who was acting not on proven facts but her own insecurity.

Sheena Monnin recently claimed that she learned from another contestant that a “Top 5 finalists” list was circulating in which the contest was rigged, that other contestant denies the claim.

In the meantime the Miss Universe competition has filed a defamation lawsuit against Sheena.

At this time calls to event organizers, Monnin and other potential people involved in the scandal are not being returned.

Now for the real pressing news, I personally think Miss Colorado and Miss South Carolina are hot, the several male and female friends I surveyed also said they were hot. Ironically two of those same guys didn’t find Sheena Monnin to be among the contests most attractive girls, they both pointed to her “superficial” look.

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