Blade Joins ‘Marvel Heroes’ Alongside The Mystic Mayhem Event, Halloween Celebration

As a supernaturally powered daywalking vampire, Blade is the perfect addition to the Marvel Heroes roster the day before Halloween. As the 52nd available hero in the game, Blade brings his sword, his glaive, and his Thirst mechanic to the action RPG in true style. Marvel Heroes also updated today with the return of the Mystic Mayhem event, the annual Halloween celebration, and a half-off sale according to the official site.

Eric Brooks, also known as Blade, is only part vampire letting him gain the benefits of being supernatural while gainfully absent of many of the downsides. Blade may not have to worry about sunlight and other vampire worries, but he does have to manage his bloodlust. In Marvel Heroes, the character must be mindful of this Thirst mechanic. As he battles, his Thirst grows and once it hits its peak, Blade will start to Starve. Activating The Serum lets the Thirst reset, and when The Serum is used makes Blade play differently in three crucial ways.

Marvel Heroes
Blade’s Undead Again and Original costumes in Marvel Heroes [Images via Gazillion Entertainment]
With three different specializations for the way The Serum is used, Blade can choose to be in control of his Thirst, use The Serum only when he has to, or forego The Serum often in a “never sated” state. While in control, Blade has more defensive and regenerates health better. The other side to this coin is never being satisfied where Blade gains Thirst much quicker and not be subject to the weaknesses of the starving state, but the Bloodlust becomes an issue. The medium between being in control and never sated is using The Serum shortly after the Thirst reaches maximum. This lets Blade reset his cooldowns (not his signature ability), restore some of his Spirit, and make The Serum buff last longer.

The new hero is the highlight of the Marvel Heroes patch, but two events and a substantial sale are also ongoing. Mystic Mayhem is back with another opportunity to earn a few power points, open Mystic Coffers, or find hero tokens anywhere in the game. Halloween is also being celebrated in Marvel Heroes. On October 31, players will benefits from increased item find and experience, in addition to the boosts the Mystic Mayhem event provides. Moreover, Halloween power ups will drop that, when stacked to five, will create a loot explosion. The arrival of the Halloween event also means players can pick up the Wolverine Symbiote costume or the new Fraken-Castle Team-up.

Marvel Heroes
The Wolverine Symbiote costume and the new Franken-Castle team-up [Image via Gazillion Entertainment]
A few major quality-of-life updates were also included in the update today. Players will now see the costume each character is wearing when they pull up the roster instead of the default costumes of each character. Additionally, a clock is part of the game’s interface, letting players keep track of time while enjoying Marvel Heroes. Although minor changes, both were highly requested since the game’s launch making their arrival welcome by most players. A few bug fixes were also part of the patch, and interested players should check out the official forums for the full list of changes.

The controller support menu seems to have found its way into the game with this update as well, although it is not functioning as of yet. As the Inquisitr reported, controller support is an often requested feature that is part the Marvel Heroes 2016 roadmap. With gamepad keybinding options displaying but not available, players and the Marvel Heroes client are one step closer to the big update. Players will be able to map the buttons on a controller for specific actions in Marvel Heroes including the use of modifiers to grant more flexibility to the setup. Expect to see controller support and other major features in the Marvel Heroes 2016 update.

Other changes to Marvel Heroes will continue to occur when the Marvel Heroes 2016 update actually kicks off. A new story chapter, visual updates to the first heroes of the game, leaderboards, and Steam achievements are all a part of the ongoing improvement of the game. The 2016 update is planned to begin in December; however, controller support is sort of available right now. More features like the new Savage Land Patrol zone and the Thanos raid will come much later in the year.

[Images via Gazillion Entertainment]

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