Stephen Moyer Loved Sex Scenes With Wife Anna Paquin On ‘True Blood’

Stephen Moyer opened up to Andy Cohen about his role in the HBO hit, True Blood, on Watch What Happens Live Wednesday night, including the fact that he thoroughly enjoyed the sex scenes with his wife, Anna Paquin.

Moyer starred as Bill Compton opposite Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse in the popular and steamy vampire series True Blood. He opened up about the whole thing on Watch What Happens Live Wednesday night.

It turns out that it was literally love at first bite for Moyer when he met Paquin during screen testing for the show. They were both single at the time they met and the British actor said there was “just this kind of spark.” But it was when filming of the True Blood series began that thing apparently began to really sizzle.

As reported by People, Stephen Moyer said he hadn’t seen Anna for three months after the screen testing and in the meantime she had gone from having dark hair to becoming a beautiful blond. Moyer himself had changed from “being blond to this dark vampire,” specially for the True Blood series.

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Stephen reckoned that by day three or four of filming he just knew they were meant to be together.

“Oh, this is going to sound so syrupy – but I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. It was within seconds, really, and it just became a thing.”

In was in 2010 that Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin got married while continuing filming for the True Blood series.

According to IOL, during the various seasons of the HBO show, there was many steamy scenes and Moyer, 46, opened up about how much he, as Bill, enjoyed the sex scenes with Sookie, played by his real-life wife, Anna Paquin.

Stephen Moyer said most people in the acting profession insist there is nothing pleasurable in shooting sex scenes for the big or small screen, but he admitted that he really enjoyed getting intimate on screen with Anna in the vampire drama.

“You’re not supposed to say that you enjoy doing sex scenes, you’re supposed to say, ”Oh it’s really difficult, you know, with the lighting and the cameramen and the boom operators are all watching,’ but I never had that.

“I just like doing them.”

Moyer, in his role of Bill Compton playing romantically opposite his wife Anna as Sookie Stackhouse, even admitted to having a particular favorite sex scene.

When asked which one, Moyer said: “Can I be quite rude? The one where I went down on my wife and then bit her neck and put the blood in her own mouth and sucked it back out again.”

Moyer did admit that while the sex scenes were pleasurable for him, none of them were real, but he did confess they had both “thought about” not simulating the saucy moments.

True Blood is based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries, a series of novels by Charlaine Harris about the co-existence of humans and vampires in Bon Temps, a fictional small town in northwestern Louisiana.

For anyone who never watched the True Blood series which finished after season 7, the video below crunches season 1 thru 6 nicely down to size.

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[Photo Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin by Jason Merritt /Getty Images Entertainment]

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