WWE News: Update On Ronda Rousey Appearing With The Rock At ‘WrestleMania 32’

UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey may dominate the octagon, but how would she do in a squared circle? WWE wants to find out and Rousey seems eager to know, as well. The problem is, UFC will never allow her to work in a wrestling role for WWE while under contract with them. UFC President Dana White has mentioned that Ronda was not interested in a WWE role, which fans took as a lie to bring more focus to UFC instead of WWE.

WWE really seems to want Rousey back for WrestleMania 32, but the chances of this happening have been speculated as “low” by many experts due to commitments Ronda has at the time. When asked about it in interviews, Rousey has said that if she were to be there, she wouldn’t tell anyone. She claims, “if you’re a real fan, you want the surprise.”

We may now know a bit about WrestleMania concerning The Rock and Rousey. According to Daily Wrestling News, The Rock is said to be fine with facing whomever WWE wants him to face at WrestleMania. While the Triple H storyline is already set up to work, Vince McMahon really seems to want to do a Brock Lesnar vs Rock match eventually and WrestleMania 32 in Dallas might be the place. With Rock being cool regarding either, WWE could easily do whatever they want.

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Regarding Ronda Rousey, WWE is ready to do whatever they have to do to get her there if she really wants to appear. The feeling is that while her appearing to wrestle may be out of the question, UFC won’t be upset with her appearing and potentially standing ringside if they go with Rock/Triple H. Even something like this past year would be fine.

WWE really seems to want to have Rousey face off with Stephanie McMahon or “finish the job” from last year in some way, but with UFC not allowing her to work a match even if it were to be a squash, this idea cannot happen until her deal with UFC runs out. Rousey is 28-years-old and has claimed in a few interviews that she won’t be fighting into her 30s. This clearly means that UFC may only have her through her current deal and she won’t be re-signing when it is up.

Unless a super-fight is promised with Cyborg, which could happen well before her deal is up, Rousey has no reason to stick around, either. She has a lot of love from Hollywood and there is no reason to continue to risk her health in MMA when she has other opportunities available. The Rock did the same thing himself, but the difference between Rock and Rousey is that Ronda Rousey cannot just go back for a fight every once in a while or for a promo.

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While UFC might like that, it wouldn’t work the same as a WWE performance. Whenever she is done with the UFC, she will likely remain retired.

At the end of the day, she has remained undefeated and cleaned out her division. She even fought some fighters more than once. After her deal is up, what is left for her to prove if she stays unbeaten? The only fight worth her time right now is with Cyborg and if Ronda left UFC today, she would still be noted as the best female MMA fighter of all time due to never losing a fight.

Ronda Rousey draws a lot of money for UFC and could do the same for WWE or even a movie in Hollywood. As of now, she is doing whatever is asked of her by UFC. When her deal is up, we might expect her to make the jump to WWE. Recently, she noted that she would love to be the WWE Diva’s Champion. She would be the only woman to hold the UFC Women’s Bantamweight and WWE Diva’s Championships if she were to win. How WWE would have her drop the title would be the ultimate challenge.

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