Jeremiah Ratliff Threatens To Kill Everyone With The Chicago Bears

Jeremiah Ratliff threatened to kill everyone with the Chicago Bears organization after being released by the franchise.

Back in 2007, Jason Ferguson was the starting nose guard for the Dallas Cowboys. When he went down with an injury, the Cowboys took a risk and moved the undersized Jeremiah Ratliff, then known as Jay Ratliff, to the position. Ratliff found that it was easier to dominate guards and centers as opposed to tackles.

From 2008 until 2011, Jeremiah Ratliff made four straight Pro Bowl appearances. Ratliff was one of the best defensive linemen in the entire NFL. The Dallas Cowboys defense relied on Ratliff to be their anchor on defense.

In the NFL, if you play eight seasons for a single team, then you are a pretty good player. That is what Jay Ratliff did with the Dallas Cowboys. At one point in time, the Cowboys thought enough of Ratliff to sign him to a $40 million contract extension.

Then, the anger started.

Former Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Jeremiah Ratliff [ Photo by Allen Kee / Getty Images ]
Former Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Jeremiah Ratliff [ Photo by Allen Kee / Getty Images ]
While rehabbing from an injury, Jeremiah Ratliff grew increasingly impatient with the Dallas Cowboys medical staff. Ratliff felt that the Cowboys were not telling him the entire truth about his injury. His distrust with the Cowboys even led him to seek out his own doctors, who ended up telling Ratliff that the injury was not as bad as the Cowboys made it seem.

Jeremiah Ratliff and his relationship with the Dallas Cowboys became strained. In a sign of how tense things were with the Cowboys, Ratliff even got into a heated argument with team owner Jerry Jones. The writing was on the wall, and the Cowboys gave up on Ratliff shortly thereafter.

The Chicago Bears knew about what happened with Jeremiah Ratliff and the Dallas Cowboys. However, the Bears really needed a defensive lineman and felt that Ratliff could be controlled. Ratliff was that in his first season in Chicago, so the Bears signed him to a multiple year contract extension.

Then, the anger started.

Jeremiah Ratliff
Former Chicago Bears defensive lineman Jeremiah Ratliff [ Photo by Jamie Squire / Getty Images ]
Reports surfaced that Jeremiah Ratliff got into a heated argument with the Chicago Bears coaching staff and general manager Ryan Pace. A release was the only choice that Pace and the Bears could make. The Bears immediately gave a call to former Pittsburgh Steelers and Jacksonville Jaguars defensive lineman Ziggy Hood to be the replacement.

Jeremiah Ratliff did not take too kindly to the release. He stormed back to the Chicago Bears facility and told security that he wanted to get his belongings back. Security officers refused to let him drive through, so Jeremiah stormed out of the car and rushed through the gates on foot, intent on making his presence felt.

The Chicago Bears had to call the cops to handle the situation with Jeremiah Ratliff. In their reports, they noted that Jeremiah, who owns multiple firearms, stated that he felt like killing everyone in the building. The defensive tackle also wished death upon the children of several members of the Bears coaching staff, which is pretty harsh.

Things with Jeremiah Ratliff ended so bad that the Chicago Bears immediately made a call to the Dallas Cowboys after making the release. Jeremiah has a home in Dallas, so the Bears wanted to warn the Cowboys that he might be in the area and looking for trouble. Thus far, Ratliff has not attempted to cause a scene with the Cowboys.

The odds of Jeremiah Ratliff being picked up by another NFL team is extremely slim. Even if their defensive line is extremely thin, no coach wants to deal with that type of headache. The hope is that Jeremiah finds help and just fades into the background instead of creating more headlines.

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