Zola’s ‘Zolarmoon’ Full Twitter Story Is Fake, Says ‘White B****’ Jessica From Aziah King’s Twitter Story

By now, many people have heard of Aziah King and her full Twitter story, as reported by the Inquisitr. Also known as Zola and Zolarmoon, King’s Twitter story was full of passion and witty writing, as well as a complex cast of characters. The full Twitter story from Zola took up more than 150 tweets. (King’s Twitter full tale took 158 tweets, to be exact.)

Aziah’s Twitter story cast a “white b*****” whom King reportedly “fell out” with named Jessica or Jess, for short. Zola claimed that Jess took King on a wild ride from their first meeting with Jess’ black sugar daddy at Hooters to a harrowing journey to Florida that involved Jess’ prostitution, one guy’s murder, and King’s hilarious way of writing.

From the opening lines of Zola’s Twitter story, readers were in for a ride of drama, intrigue, twisted plot points, and sad humor as told through the amazing and hilarious mind of Aziah.

“Okay listen up. This story long. So I met this white b**** at Hooters. I was her waitress! She came in with this old a** big a** black dude. So you know as a hooters girl we have to talk to our customers. So I sit wit them & we get to talkin & she tells me she dances! So I’m like, Oh yes b**** me too! Then she tells me this hulking black man is her sugar daddy. & I’m like oh yes b**** my SD at home. I feel it I feel it.

“So we vibing over our hoeism or whatever. & we exchange numbers!! & we like ‘next time u dance hum ima come dance wit you!’ & they leave. Now I’m skeptical like DAMN b**** we just met and we already taking hoe trips together???? BUT I had went to FL 2 months prior & made 15K. So lowkey I was down. So I was like ‘okay I’ll go. Who’s all going & when we leaving.’ All this b**** says is ‘be ready by 8?”

That’s when Zola’s Twitter story got even better, writing about how Jessica tricked her into taking a stripper trip that was really about prostitution, and that Jessica’s fiance, Jarrett, went nearly crazy with jealousy. King wrote that she showed Jessica how to make more than $100 from being a hooker, and Zola’s Twitter story claimed that Jessica slept with 20 men in one day.

Now Jessica is clearing up what Jess says are the fallacies in Zola’s epic Twitter story, reports TMZ. Among other things, Jessica says that Zola was the one who actually became a hooker after King reportedly only made $1 at the strip club. Jessica didn’t apparently poo-poo the claims that her fiance tried to kill himself by jumping off a balcony, but Jessica did say that their wild 48-hour jaunt to Tampa didn’t include a pimp shooting a man.

As far as Zola’s Twitter story explaining how Aziah made it out of Tampa safely and later how King reportedly received a call from Jess saying that Jessica had been arrested in Las Vegas — that part of Zolarmoon’s Twitter story is a lie, claims Jess, who has reportedly never stepped foot in Las Vegas.

Other readers have wondered if Zola’s full Twitter story was fully the truth or a full lie, whereas others are enjoying an entertaining read — minus the horrific underage prostitution angle. Meanwhile, Jessica is mad that her photos have made it everywhere online, especially since she’s pregnant and set to marry and leave Zola’s full Twitter story far behind.

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