John Oliver On Donald Trump And Why He Won’t Invite Him On ‘Last Week Tonight’

The ever-clever John Oliver says Donald Trump is one political figure he won’t invite to appear on Last Week Tonight. It isn’t because he feels threatened by the republican presidential hopeful, though.

John is a breakout success for one simple reason: He talks about recent news topics in a way that is not only educational but also funny. Having once been a fill-in host for Jon Stewart, Oliver drew his own crowd and eventually received a solo HBO news show.

As John told CBS This Morning on Friday, he isn’t a news reporter. He’s a comedian, and that’s the reason why he has gained such a prominent audience that earned Last Week Tonight a second season. He doesn’t report the news as much as he points out what’s funny about it and delves into the facts on hand to uncover what could be an inconvenient truth, which might make Al Gore do a double-take.

Entertainment Weekly says that John Oliver calls Donald Trump “an open book, and that book doesn’t have many interesting words in it.”

Technically, Donald Trump is a person of many interesting words, several of which he’s gotten himself in trouble for with several groups. His words on illegal immigration drew the ire of Hispanics across the U.S., from citizens to celebrities. Trump’s words about Megyn Kelly and Carly Fiorina unveiled what many alleged to be his misogynistic side. Even recently, Donald was rumored to have used words about “black people” being “lazy.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the alleged words about African Americans may not have even been spoken by Trump, because it came from a speech in Indiana, a location he hadn’t been at that time due to an appearance on CBS News.

While John Oliver and Donald Trump might have some loosely common grounds in comedy, the mogul won’t be invited on Last Week Tonight. Trump’s recent comedic appearances have included The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where the host dressed as him for a show-starting interview, as well as his protested upcoming appearance on Saturday Night Live.

It could be because of Trump’s remarks about Megyn Kelly that Oliver doesn’t want him on the show. After some hard questions from the Fox News reporter, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Donald told the press she was a “lightweight” and referred to “blood” issues as a possible reason for her attitude.

John Oliver is a comedian, he admitted, and would probably encounter even harder criticism from Donald Trump. Having spoken about him before in the video above, John has proven that he’ll talk about the Republican presidential hopeful, but not to him.

According to the Huffington Post, Oliver even mentioned to CBS This Morning how there really isn’t much to say about Trump that hasn’t already been said.

“I don’t really have anything to say to him. There’s nothing else to add. He’s said everything he wants to say. There’s no internal monologue, that man, so it’s not like you’re going to find the secret nugget he’s been holding back.”

Though John Oliver won’t invite Donald Trump to his show, he has had interesting interviews before, such as one in Russia with ex-NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. After Oliver’s show on net neutrality, Edward Snowden’s revelations only added to the list of potential threats the United States faces on the internet every day.

It’s unknown if Trump will get word of what Oliver said about him on Friday morning, but as the Last Week Tonight host said, there will be no mistake what he feels if he does. Trump speaks his mind and holds nothing back.

How do you feel about John Oliver and Donald Trump likely never appearing together on Last Week Tonight?

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