Trevor Noah Says People Have A Right Not To Like Him As Horrible Ratings For ‘The Daily Show’ Continue

Some people just don’t want to give Trevor Noah a chance, and Noah understands this. Noah recently gave an interview to the Independent.

“I can never be in control of how much people appreciate me. The only things I can control is how hard I work, how honest I am and how much I put myself out there.”

Trevor Noah's show
‘The Daily Show’ has been experiencing a huge ratings decline since Trevor Noah took over. [Photo by Andrew Toth/ Getty Images]

Noah says that he hopes people would appreciate this since they did so with his stand-up comedy and everything else. Noah is not letting the poor ratings phase him one bit. As the Independent indicates, Noah could do with a few more people appreciating him at the moment. The ratings for the month he’s been hosting the show are down a third from The Daily Show’s usual standards.

Trevor Noah recently visited Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and Time quotes Noah talking about advice his mom gave him before starting his job with The Daily Show.

“My mom said everything I described to her was the equivalent of having a child. It’s like for months and months I was pregnant and I knew that I was gonna, one day, have to give birth to this thing, and then people would judge me on how I raise it and how I treat it.”

He goes on to indicate that in the end, he would be proud of it, even if some days he would hate it with all of his heart. But, at the end of the day, it would be what he created, so he would have to live with it. Let’s just hope Trevor Noah doesn’t read the comments people have posted about him lately on Twitter.

Trevor Noah has been criticized for being a hypocrite recently after he insinuated that Jeb Bush was misogynistic after saying that the main character in Supergirl is pretty hot. Noah ripped on Bush not only for his creepy “old man” crush but for lacking imagination. However, perhaps it’s a case of pot meets kettle, as Trevor Noah has been criticized before for misogynistic tweets he made. Fox News reported on this earlier this year.

“Less than a day after Trevor Noah was named as the successor to Jon Stewart on ‘The Daily Show,’ some voices in the Twitterverse are calling for the network to oust him after several of his past tweets have resurfaced, in which he makes quips about Jews, Israel and women.”

“‘Oh yeah the weekend. People are gonna get drunk & think that I’m sexy!’ – fat chicks everywhere,” tweeted Mr. Noah in October of 2011.

“Behind every successful Rap Billionaire is a double as rich Jewish man,” Noah tweeted in May of 2014.

Still, there are some who have defended Noah in regards to his tweets. Comedy tows a tough line between entertainment and political correctness, and they believe Trevor Noah’s humor, even if some don’t like it, should not be taken literally.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Noah says he believes that many people would rather be offended than actually do something that contributes to society. He makes fun of “clicktivists” who, instead of getting off their behinds and doing something, sit around all day and create hashtags. Perhaps this is a rare case of something that both Trevor Noah and conservatives agree on.

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