Vicki Gunvalson Denies Being Afraid Of Brooks Ayers And Not Being Supportive Of Tamra Judge

Vicki Gunvalson denies that she’s now so afraid of her ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers that she’s filing a restraining order against him. In a statement to RumorFix posted on Thursday, Vicki said that there’s no truth to the story. She has also denied not being supportive of Tamra Judge in regards to her child custody battles with ex-husband Simon Barney.

Radar Online previously reported that Vicki told her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars during a break in the filming of the Season 10 reunion show that she’s terrified of Brooks and wants a restraining order against him. The website’s source added that Vicki also said that she has seen Brooks sitting in a rental car outside the building where she works and feels as if he’s taunting her.

Shockingly, the source also claimed that during the reunion show, Vicki was texting Brooks until the other housewives stepped in and helped her block his number from her phone. However, according to the source, the break in communication only lasted for a few hours because Vicki then started talking to Brooks again. The source explained that Vicki doesn’t want to anger Brooks.

Brooks responded to the story. He told Radar Online that he was at the building where Vicki works because his attorney is there. He maintained that he and Vicki are on “civil terms.” He did not explain what he was seeing his attorney for.

In her statement to RumorFix, Vicki also said that Brooks was in the building to see his attorney.

“Yes, Brooks was there in the parking lot seeing his attorney in the same building as me.”

She maintains that she isn’t afraid of him and is not filing a restraining order against him. She called the story a bunch of lies.

“I have no fear in Brooks and am not filing any restraining order. Another bunch of lies…”

Vicki Gunvalson did not address the claim that she was communicating with Brooks Ayers on the day of the reunion filming. She also did not say what Brooks was seeing his attorney for or whether she even knew. Perhaps his visit had something to do with his threat against Vicki’s co-star Meghan King Edmonds?

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Meghan admitted about a month ago that Brooks had threatened to sue her for defamation. Meghan revealed that Brooks had his lawyer send her a letter demanding certain things, including issuing him a formal apology. Instead of keeping quiet over it, Meghan, confident that Brooks has no grounds to win and won’t even have the guts to sue her in the first place, challenged Brooks to actually go through with the lawsuit. Meghan also publicly said that her husband, Jim Edmonds, supports her completely in her decision to not back down to Brooks.

Or perhaps the lawyer visit had something to do with Vicki’s daughter Briana Culberson? Radar Online reported last week that Briana revealed on her private Facebook page that Brooks wants to sue her. Like Meghan Edmonds, Briana challenged Brooks to do just that.

During Season 10, Briana told Tamra Judge over lunch that Brooks once claimed that he had pancreatic cancer but after much questioning, he admitted that he only had pancreatitis. As seen on part two of the reunion show, which aired on Monday night, Briana claimed that Brooks once hit on her at Vicki’s birthday party when she was heavily pregnant. Briana said that when she told Vicki what Brooks did, Vicki wouldn’t believe her. Tamra Judge piped up that Briana called her very upset after the incident. When Tamra brought up that Briana had told her that Brooks wanted to show her his penis, Briana repeated the story, claiming that Brooks called his penis “Girth Brooks.”

Brooks quickly issued a statement to E! News denying Briana’s claims.

“It’s a typical Briana move, creating a ‘He Said, She Said’ scenario that once again puts her mother in the middle of a no-win situation. I’m glad that I no longer have to deal with this unnecessary drama. I categorically deny having said anything like that to Briana.”

As the Inquisitr reported, in response to a viewer who told Vicki to lawyer up against Brooks over him talking about her and her daughter to the media, Vicki last week said that “lawyers are involved.”

“I absolutely was checked out. I was counting down the hours till it was over. My daughter and I are amazing. Lawyers are involved and I can’t speak about it in detail. All will be ok in time. Thanks for your concerns.”

Besides denying that she’s afraid of her ex Brooks Ayers, Vicki Gunvalson has also denied not being supportive of Tamra Judge. It was revealed on part two of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion show that Vicki, upon seeing Tamra wearing a strap-on at her and Eddie’s sex party, laughingly said that Tamra has pretty much lost custody of one child and that it’s no wonder she’s having her kids taken away. After a viewer bashed Vicki for making light of Tamra’s child custody drama and taking enjoyment in Tamra’s pain, Vicki tweeted a denial.

Vicki maintained that she has supported Tamra.

Meghan King Edmonds certainly doesn’t believe that Vicki Gunvalson has been a true friend to Tamra Judge. In her latest Bravo blog, Meghan wrote that her heart ached for Tamra over what Vicki said.

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