Josh Duggar Banned From Leaving Rehab: How Long Will He Stay?

Josh Duggar has been in rehab for a while now after news came out that he had an account on the infamous Ashley Madison website and cheated on his wife while she was pregnant. Celeb Dirty Laundry is now sharing the news that Josh Duggar is being banned from leaving rehab early and he is going to be there for a while. Don’t expect to see Josh anytime soon because he will be spending the entire time he is supposed to in rehab. Josh is there to deal with a porn addiction after news came out about a molestation scandal and also his cheating ways.

It sounds like Josh may have had plans to get released early from rehab. He is supposed to stay there for six months and now news is out that Josh has been banned from leaving rehab early. Instead, Josh Duggar will be staying for the entire six months, which means he won’t be coming home anytime soon. His youngest daughter, Meredith, was born just before he went in and Josh is missing a very large part of her life by being in rehab for so long. If he gets the help that he needs, though, it will likely be worth it.

Josh Duggar is getting help at Reformers Unanimous. Us Magazine has shared some details on the place where Josh is staying to get help. It is located in Rockford, Illinois. Josh will be going through counseling sessions and also doing bible study. He says he is hoping to get help for his addiction to porn. News came out not long ago that Josh Duggar actually cheated on his wife, Anna, while she was pregnant with their fourth child.

At this rehab center, Josh Duggar could be taking classes. They actually offer college level courses that can help them when they get out of rehab. Josh also starts his day at 4:30 a.m. every single day at this facility. They are encouraged to type out a request to God about what they need help with and share it with others at the rehab facility. The facility’s website explains a bit of what is going on there.

“Each new camp director is trained in how to present the messages in convicting yet caring ways, which are intended to encourage the students toward program participation. A hearer that is a doer is always an overcomer.”

Josh Duggar is also expected to complete 40 hours of community service while staying there. This is basically a full-time job for Josh Duggar, since you do as much community service as you would if you were working a job. The community service will keep Josh busy. They stay in military style barracks, so it isn’t like Duggar has his own room or privacy at this location.

Once Josh Duggar has been there 60 days, he can get it approved to spend weekends away with his family. This should be happening soon if Josh can get it approved. Then he will be able to start working on his marriage with Anna. It looks like Josh still has several months left in rehab and will even be at rehab over the holidays, unless he is able to get a pass of some kind to get away for a few days. At this time, Anna Duggar is spending some time with her family in Florida and also spending time staying at Josh’s parents’ home. This leaves her taking care of her four kids by herself without Josh there to help.

Are you surprised to hear that Josh Duggar was banned from leaving rehab early? Do you think that Josh should get to leave and head home to be with his family once again? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

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