‘American Idol’ Winner Phillip Phillips Leaving Hospital After Major Surgery

American Idol season 11 winner Phillip Phillips was forced to undergo major surgery after winning American Idol and now reports are circulating that Phillips is finally being given permission to leave the hospital.

Phillips sung his way to an American Idol victory this past season but during that time he was suffering from painful kidney stones. Doctors had placed a stent in his body but it turns out that device actually made surgery far more difficult for the singing champ.

When doctors went in to remove the large kidney stones they found out a stent that was placed in the singers body for so long that became embedded and had to be surgically removed.

The major surgery ended up taking 6 hours to complete and surgeons had to cut the stent out using a laser.

Doctors quickly deemed the surgery a success and agreed to discharge Phillips after a short period of observation.

To get back on his feet the American Idol winner will be recovering at a Malibu mansion owned by one of American Idol’s head honchos.

The official American Idol tour is set to premiere in Detroit on July 6th and Philip Phillips says he plans on making that first show and touring with the rest of his fellow competitors. According to Phillips:

“If I can sing with all those kidney stones in me, I can make the first date.”

He’s definitely a tough guy but I have a feeling he won’t be stepping on a stage or doing anything else until his label believe he has a clean bill of health.

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