‘Destiny’: Xur’s Exotic Goods For Oct. 30, Zhalo Supercell Plus Three New Exotic Pieces

Bungie gave Destiny players a treat this Halloween instead of a trick. Xûr, Agent of the Nine, is back in the Tower today and his entire inventory of Exotic armor is completely new. Additionally, the mysterious vendor is also offering up the Zhalo Supercell Exotic Auto Rifle.

Xûr can be found next to the Crucible Quartermaster in the Tower this weekend. Simply head straight toward the Vanguard hall after spawning in the tower and look against the wall on the left just before you run into the Quartermaster. Here’s where you can find him on the Tower map.

Destiny - Xur Location - Crucible Quartermaster (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

Xûr and his items will only be available in Destiny through the morning of Sunday, November 1. As soon as the clock strikes 5 a.m. ET / 2 a.m. PT, he will be gone.

The Zhalo Supercell is undoubtedly the headliner this week of Xûr’s goods. It’s become rare that he sells Exotic weapons at all and this Auto Rifle is coveted because it is the only Year Two Primary Weapon that does elemental damage.

The Exotic armor is nothing to sneeze at, either. All three pieces on sale this weekend are on sale for the first time in Destiny and come with unique properties that make them useful for each class.

Exotic Gear on Sale

Name Type Max Stat Cost
The Taikonaut Titan Helmet 51 Intellect /
46 Discipline
13 Strange Coins
Graviton Forfeit Hunter Helmet 51 Intellect /
51 Strength
13 Strange Coins
Alchemist’s Raiment Warlock Chest Armor 107 Intellect 13 Strange Coins
Zhalo Supercell Auto Rifle 23 Strange Coins
Legacy Engram Exotic Year One Special Weapon 31 Strange Coins


Void Drive Legendary Vehicle Upgrade 23 Strange Coins
Plasma Drive Legendary Vehicle Upgrade 23 Strange Coins
Heavy Ammo Synthesis Ammo Synthesis 3-pack 1 Strange Coin
Three of Coins Exotic Chance Boost 5-pack 7 Strange Coins
Glass Needles Resets Exotic Stats 3-pack 3 Strange Coins, 3 Motes of Light, 1 Exotic Shard

For those wondering what to get, here are a few helpful hints.

Zhalo Supercell

Destiny Zhalo Supercell Exotic Auto Rifle (PlayStation, Xbox)
[Image via Destiny in-game]
As mentioned above, this Exotic Auto Rifle is the only new Primary Weapon out of Destiny: The Taken King that is capable of dishing out elemental damage. While the piece is limited to Arc damage, it is still a deliciously fun weapon to use. The namesake primary perk gives each shot a chance to chain lightning damage when enemies are close together. It also adds the “Bolts from the Blue” perk in the final column to charge Super energy and return ammo when stringing kills together.

In short, the Zhalo Supercell is a fun weapon to use that is capable of dishing out a good amount of damage despite being the high rate of fire, low impact archetype.

The Taikonaut

Destiny The Taikonaut Titan Exotic Helmet (PlayStation, Xbox)
[Image via Destiny in-game]
This Titan Exotic Helmet is all about perks for Heavy Weapons and Rocket Launchers, in particular. The intrinsic “Air Traffic Control” perk actually gives three perks. All Rocket Launchers gain tracking, radar will stay up while aiming using a Heavy Weapon, and Heavy Weapon ammo drops more often. This is best combined with Rocket Launchers that have a “Javelin” and/or “Grenades & Horseshoes” perk. Just note that the tracking perk is currently bugged and will disable tracking for Rocket Launchers that already have it.

The Taikonaut also comes with the “Heavy Lifting” perk to grant bonus Super energy from Heavy Weapon kills. The split 51 Intellect and 46 Discipline roll is also excellent for this helmet, which makes it a solid pickup for Titans that love Rocket Launchers. Find a pair of boots that grants the ability to carry more Heavy Weapon ammo to make the most of this piece though.

Graviton Forfeit

Destiny Gravitron Forfeit Hunter Exotic Helmet (PlayStation, Xbox)

This Exotic helmet is geared toward Nightstalker Hunters by granting the Shadestep ability for free via the “Elusive Shadow” perk. This frees up the final column in the Nightstalker skill tree to choose between “Keen Scout” and “Predator.”

The 51 Intellect / 51 Strength split roll is perfect for Nightstalkers as it gives Super energy plus Melee energy to use more smoke bombs. This is a solid pickup for PVE and PVP encounters.

Alchemist’s Raiment

Destiny Alchemist's Raiment Warlock Exotic Armor (PlayStation, Xbox)
[Image via Destiny in-game]
This chest piece will definitely make Warlocks the best dressed Guardians in any activity. Additionally, the intrinsic “Iron to Gold” perk gives Glimmer when picking up Primary Weapon ammo and gives bonus Grenade and Melee energy when picking up Orbs of Light while the Super energy bar is full.

The Alchemists’s Raiment is a neutral piece but best fits the Sunsinger and Stormcaller. Destiny players will also enjoy the strong 107 Intellect roll on this piece.

[Image via Bungie]

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