Shock Report Claims Liam Payne And Harry Styles Fight Caused Gig Cancellation

One Direction star Liam Payne has had a tough few weeks. Payne has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons over the past few months. As reported by the Inquisitr, Liam was widely criticized and accused of being homophobic after a One Direction show. Some fans did not like the way Liam introduced one of his favorite songs and accused him of exclusionary language and of failing to recognise the validity of same-sex relationships.

Payne responded to the accusations in the best possible way. Liam gave an in-depth interview and appeared on the cover of iconic UK gay magazine Attitude. Sadly, some fans were unhappy with some of the things Liam said in that interview. In particular, some were unhappy that Payne talked about Louis Tomlinson’s forthcoming fatherhood. Others attacked Liam for hitting out at fans who insist that Louis and Harry Styles are in a secret gay relationship and that the story about Louis baby is a cover-up.

Liam was in the news again a few days later when some claimed that he and Louis had been involved in an onstage scuffle. Liam and Louis both fiercely denied that the “fight” was anything more than their normal onstage fooling around, but some were not convinced. No sooner had that furor died down before new accusations of homophobia were thrown in Payne’s direction. On this occasion, Liam had cancelled a planned appearance at Attitude magazine’s award show, where he was to be awarded sexiest male. Payne explained that he was unable to make the award show because of illness.

Less than a week later, One Direction were forced to cancel a show in Belfast citing Payne’s illness as the cause. Incredibly, the cancellation was the first time in their history that One Direction had cancelled a show. As reported by the Inquisitr, rumors began to circulate that Payne had had a “total meltdown” prior to the show and was in no state to perform.

According to Unreality TV, those rumors have more than a grain of truth to them. It seems that a source has told Closer that Payne got into a massive fight with Harry Styles and that poor Liam was left crying and screaming as a result. It is claimed that pressure has been building on Payne since Zayn Malik quit One Direction earlier this year. After Malik quit, Payne has had to carry more and more responsibility, and it has taken its toll.

“Liam has been under huge pressure since Zayn left. He feels he has to produce performances that carry the band. He lost it in Belfast. He was in tears and shouting at Harry. The rest of the band said they’d help him.”

According to Hollywood Life, Liam is feeling fragile, and his recent split with long-term girlfriend Sophia Smith has not helped his mental state. Worryingly for Liam’s fans, it is claimed that Payne is trying to keep it together for the last few dates of One Direction’s tour, but he is not willing to commit to any longer term plans.

“Liam’s made it clear he’s reached his limit and is trying to hold it together for this tour, but is making no promises after that.”

Payne has made no official comment about his mystery illness other than to thank fans for their support. Other members of the group have largely been tight-lipped about the incident though Harry Styles did tell radio host Chris Evans that Liam had a “stomach complaint.”

Payne has seemingly been back to normal in the days since the Belfast cancellation and has thanked fans who took out a full-page advert in Billboard to wish Payne and his bandmates well with their forthcoming album.

As every One Direction fan knows, Payne and his mates will be taking a well-deserved lengthy sabbatical in the new year. It looks increasingly like that break cannot come soon enough for Liam Payne.

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