Jessa Seewald Updates Baby Bump Photo, Will This Be The Last Pregnancy Snapshot Before She Gives Birth?

It is almost time for Jessa Seewald to give birth to her first child. Her due date is officially on Sunday, November 1, which is also her and Ben’s first wedding anniversary. Of course, there are no guarantees that baby Seewald will make his or her entrance into the world that exact day, but it definitely could happen.

Jessa has been sending pictures on social media throughout her whole pregnancy and Duggar fans have been excited to see this baby grow these past nine months. The expectant mom just posted her most recent baby bump on Thursday on her Twitter account showing how much her tummy has grown. She is hopefully down to her last few days before this baby’s arrival and she is still glowing.

Even though Jessa looks very healthy in her ninth month, she said that she is quite ready for baby Seewald to get here. This photo may just be the last one that fans will be able to see before the baby is born. Of course, there could be one more if she happens to go over her due date.

The reality star has not let her pregnancy slow her down at all. She has been attending different events and even a couples’ retreat not too long ago. It looks like Jessa attended a fundraising dinner on Thursday as well. A photo that the Duggar daughter tweeted showed that her cousin, Amy King, was sitting at a table along with a couple other members of the Duggar family. Amy’s husband, Dillon, was seated right beside her. The newly-married couple looked like they were having a great time. Jessa Seewald was not in the photo as she was presumably taking the snapshot.

The fundraiser was for a program called Loving Choices and it is certainly something that the Duggar family would happily be involved in. This organization provides women with pregnancy care and counseling, as well as testing for sexually transmitted diseases.

Jessa Duggar is planning a home delivery, just as her mother has done many times over with most of her 19 kids. Sister Jill Dillard had also been planning on giving birth at home with her first child, but that didn’t go as planned. She ended up having to go to the hospital to have baby Israel. Jessa also has a backup plan in case something like this will happen with her.

Jessa’s pregnancy and birth will be documented in the new TLC reality series. The show is set to premiere in December and Duggar fans are looking forward to having at least part of the family back on television once again.

Many were wondering whether Jill would be on hand to help with her sister’s delivery of baby Seewald but since she has left to go back to South America with her husband and son, it is doubtful that she will be taking part in this joyous occasion. The Inquisitr had previously posted that Jill and Derick are not planning on coming back to the U.S. until next summer.

It is very likely that the other members of the family will be surrounding Jessa with as much help as she needs. There are also many babysitters in the family that would be more than willing to spend some quality time with their niece or nephew.

Everyone will finally know whether baby Seewald is a boy or a girl very soon. Ben and Jessa have kept the gender mum this whole time, so it will be a surprise for everyone, including family.

Sound off in the comments below on whether you think Jessa Seewald is having a boy or a girl. What name do you think will be chosen for this Duggar baby?

[Photo by Jessa Seewald Twitter]

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