‘Southern Charm’ Producer Involved In Criminal Domestic Violence Scandal, Adds To Legal Issues

The legal problems for the Bravo show Southern Charm keep adding up. The current person in the hot seat is producer Bryan Kestner, who is in trouble for criminal domestic violence and a cocaine bust at his restaurant. Krestner, who calls himself “the brains behind Planet Hollywood,” is currently trying to dig himself out of legal woes, but Charleston is a rather small town for a southern city.

Prior to this incident, the only other person on Southern Charm who had done time was Thomas Ravenel, according to the Inquisitr. Ravel did time for cocaine possession in a quantity to distribute, and lost his job and did time in a federal prison, derailing any political aspirations he had. The now mid-50s Ravenel is expecting his second child out of wedlock with Kathryn Dennis, in her early 20s. After being released from prison, Ravenel was then convicted of drunk driving in New York, and temporarily lost his license.

Fitsnews is reporting that Kestner’s problems have just begun. His current charges stem from a July incident with a woman who has appeared several times on the show.

“Documents relating to his guilty plea – entered on September 30 – were obtained from the town of Mount Pleasant, S.C. using the state’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) law. The documents also reveal two additional assault charges originally filed against Kestner – although these charges were dismissed at the time of his guilty plea.”

The victim in this case is named Dawn Price, and she has come forward to say that this was not a one time thing, and she had been covering for Kestner so that he did not get into legal trouble.

“I did what so many women do – I covered for him, I made excuses for him, lied for him,” she said, adding “I loved him.”

Instead of taking responsibility for his actions, he did what many abusers do and he blamed the victim.

“Dawn changed her position on the (CDV charge) after she accepted a job in Florida and then we broke up,” Kestner told FITS. “She has seven incident reports of stalking and slander against me and my friends.”

Fitsnews is also reporting that Kestner’s planned restaurant, Generalissimo, is also facing problems of the drug kind, based on his 2013 cocaine charge.

“Sources familiar with the situation tell Fitsnews that Kestner’s arrest took place in October of 2013, following a party with some of the cast members of Southern Charm. In fact, a friend of Kestner told us he accidentally took a jacket belonging to one of the show’s primary cast members.”

Some people don’t learn their lessons. The article didn’t name names, but they did make a strong suggestion, and said the bag was nearly empty.

“As FITS reported exclusively back in July, Bravo TV will air a third season of Southern Charm in 2016. The show stars 53-year-old Lowcountry playboy Thomas Ravenel – a former statewide official who lost his job due to a cocaine bust. Also on the program? His 24-year-old baby momma Kathryn Dennis, the scion of two of the Palmetto State’s most famous families.”

The cast is allegedly not allowed to talk about filming, as Bravo has not yet given the green light, though the cast has been seen together, filming at a polo field, and a charity function, where attendees needed to sign off. As usual, rumors about many of the cast members are still spilling out, so stay tuned.

Will you watch season 3 of Southern Charm?

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