WWE News: Vince McMahon Talks WWE NXT’s Success And The WWE Network

Vince McMahon created what the WWE is today. He took what his father, Vince McMahon Sr., did and expanded the business into a worldwide industry. McMahon is arguably the father of sports entertainment. Sports entertainment and professional wrestling are two different entities. One is ensuring that the audience is left with entertainment and jubilance. Pro wrestling is putting on a show with wrestling skills. The WWE is sports entertainment. NXT is pro wrestling.

Due to the impact WWE NXT has had on the industry, they are separating themselves from McMahon’s creation. William Regal, Dusty Rhodes, and Triple H banded together to create what is now the hottest wrestling product in the world. They aren’t destroying it but rather creating more competition among the other territories.

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WWE fans often say the reason for NXT’s success is due to McMahon not being there and making decisions. The truth of the matter is that everything goes through McMahon’s ears. If he doesn’t like a decision that affects the entire company, then he’ll deny the request. Triple H runs the creative portion, but McMahon approves most things.

Yesterday, Vince McMahon and George Barrios, Chief Strategy and Financial Officer, and Michael Weitz, SVP Financial Planning & Investor Relations, were hosting a third quarter 2015 earnings conference call. McMahon addressed WWE NXT and the WWE Network.

“He said the WWE audience clamors for the exclusive content on the Network. He names the Beast In the East fro Tokyo, the NXT Takeover specials and the Madison Square Garden special as doing very well for them.

“Vince touted the success SummerSlam weekend. He said NXT has become a brand of its own, giving props to his son-in-law Triple H.

“In regards to investing in more original content while the numbers show fans are watching more pay-per-views and classic content, Vince said they need to be able to drive subscribers with current and major live events. WWE wants to have multiple reasons for fans to subscribe and use the Network, just one or two.”

McMahon hit the nail on the head with his opinions on the WWE Network. In order to drive more customers to the product, they will have to produce more big content. Breaking Ground, Table For 3, and WWE 24 were fantastic ideas that brought a lot of attention to the WWE Network. Since the first two are weekly shows, that will bring back a concurrent viewership that is needed.

WWE NXT’s morale is said to be higher than ever, according to PWMania. There’s no reason why WWE NXT shouldn’t be prouder of what they have achieved. In addition to becoming the best wrestling TV show in the world, they’re successfully grooming the next generation of talent for the main roster. Tyler Breeze recently made his main event debut on WWE Smackdown.

It appears that he’ll feud with Dolph Ziggler in his first program on the “show.” Before Breeze, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Bo Dallas, Neville, the Ascension, and the Lucha Dragons came up on the men’s side of the equation. Paige, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks also came up from WWE NXT. They’re all had an impact one way or another.

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Unfortunately, not every NXT star is an instant success on the main roster. Dallas and the Ascension were great heels before they got moved to the main roster. Neville is stuck in the mid-card, while Kevin Owens is excelling as the Intercontinental champion. The reason the Shield and Wyatt Family weren’t involved is because of their call-up prior to the first NXT special.

All six men had a hand in creating WWE NXT, but it was the talent mentioned above that truly solidified it as its own brand. WWE NXT is only getting larger and will make the WWE Network a must-have for any fan.

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